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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weekend Plans

Today is my Friday.  Actually yesterday was to be my Friday and today I was supposed to leave this morning for a motorcycle rally weekend.  But with Pete's job, extended weekend plans are on hold.  So this is my plan:

Today:  I'm done around 1pm. I plan on taking my jewelry in for a check per the warranty.  Then heading to the gym to workout.  Then home where I have chicken marinating in Indian spices to grill with fresh corn on the cob and a tomato/cucumber salad

Tomorrow:  I'm headed to the gym in the morning, then I have a couple of  work reports to do from home.  Then waiting for Pete to get home to do some riding.

Saturday:  We're planning on riding down to the Wabasha area to check out things for the campout my club chapter puts on.  It's an all day thing and my first all day riding this year.  I  CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday:  Gym in the morning.  The rest of the day is unplanned and usually that's the best kind of day for Pete and I.  We're going to do riding, but where and what to see is the question.

Monday:  More riding during the day.  Then We're headed to Raceway Park for some redneck fun.  My favorite is the figure 8s and the Flagpole Race.  I think it's because I like the threat of crashes. 

In all of this, my goal is to eat mindfully.  Meaning, eat when I am hungry, not bored.  Not eating more just to get my "share".  Choosing leaner proteins when eating out and limiting fats.  Indulging in treats, but making those limited.  Water, Water and more Water.

Monday, June 06, 2011

237 and Camping Success

This is my summer weekend home:
I'm always working on organizing to get away from the mess! 

Looking out the door from the bed.
It's a Time Out Camper.  It's about 5'x4' when it's folded up and Pete pulls it behind his motorcycle.  When it's folded out it's about 5'x14'.  It's pretty cool to think that we can put all the things that we need for a 2-3 week trip in that camper and on the motorcycles and just go.

We belong to a motorcycle club that id very different than the 'gangs' you see on TV.  Firstly, they allow women to become members.  I'm no one's property and I won't be part of an organization that doesn't allow women.  Secondly, they don't allow any drugs or alcohol.  Motorcyclng is dangerous as it is and I wasn't interested in being around a bunch of people who were drinking and getting on motorcycles next to me.  And the best part is that in this club Pete and I have found many great friends.

The club has many different chapters all over MN and WI.  During the summer each chapter plans and hosts a camping weekend.  It's awesome.  We see all kinds of places in MN, ride all over the state and have fun with these people.  So when I say that the camper is my weekend summer home I really mean it.  I think there are 2, maybe 3, weekends this summer that we aren't spending in the camper.  And I love it.  It relaxes me and chills me out and refreshes me and a whole host of other things.  I love sleeping next to Pete in the outdoors and hearing on the summer sounds of frogs and crickets and animals and seeing the stars and occasionally the lighting show from a passing storm.  I love it when it's warm and the windows stay open and when it's cold and we snuggle under the covers.

This weekend we did things a bit differently.  Usually the host chapter provides all the food, other than one big meal.  Only this means junk.  Candy, popcorn, Ho-Ho's, cookies, fried donuts, sodas, hot dogs, chili...  And in the past Pete and I joined right in.  We'd get up and go out for breakfast at 7 and spend all day eating junk.  Not this year.  I packed a cooler of bags of fresh fruit (THANK YOU COSTCO MEMBERSHIP!) like strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, grapes and watermelon.  I also had bags of shelled pistachios and mini peanut butter pretzels in 1 serving bags.  I had sugar free jello and puddings for Pete and greek yogurt for me.  We stuck to water and put the sugar free flavorings from Target in them.  And when we did go out to eat, Pete and I split meals to save calories and because really we don't need full meals. 

The result?  I lost weight over the weekend.  A pound, but still.  I'm so happy that this worked out. 

Monday, June 01, 2009

Full Circle

A year ago Pete bought his bike and we looked for a group to join. Partly because Pete wanted to have people to ride with. He's always one for riding, no matter the time of day and wanted to make sure that there were others like him. Partly for friendship. We each had friends coming into this relationship, but not the kind of friends that we did things with. So we found the Dry Riders and joined.

The first outing we went to was the Gun Run (heretofore called the Range Ride). And it was a lot to take in. All new people and learning who they were and how they fit in. Shooting different weapons and that cold morning ride out to the Hutchinson Airport. If you look back I believe I have pictures from it.

Saturday we headed out again for the Range Ride. This time Pete was riding his bike and I was riding mine.

We had all kinds of fun. We rode out from the airport again and all the bikes lined up there and under the tree at the range are pretty cool. Someone has pictures of all of us by the bikes with various weapons. I'm sure we look like hellions.
The guys were shooting trap by the lake. Although Pete thought they looked like a firing squad. To be honest, I sort of agree.
And in true man fashion, it took a gaggle of them to search for a screw. I know that you think there is a joke somewhere in there, but it's true. They were searching for a tiny tiny screw for a sight on one of the shotguns. Eventually they found it, but could never get it out of the grass.
So, we've come full circle.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I have no pictures...

Usually when we ride with the group to some motorcycle function, I'm taking pictures the whole way. I come home and I have scenery pictures, riding pictures, party pictures...usually too many to count.

Only this time I have no pictures.

Firstly it's because...I RODE MY OWN BIKE! I rode for the first time in a group with the rest of the club. It was so cool. I did pretty good - kept up and didn't have any issues. The one time I killed it, I got it started again so that no one really noticed. And if you could see me know, you'd see a smiling woman with the print of goggle eyes already. In other words, I've been out riding so much with my glasses on that my eyes and the surrounding skin are white and the rest of my face is tanned. I've been putting on sunscreen daily now.

When we did get to the outing, I pulled out my camera to take pictures...and my battery had died. I use it so little in the winder that I don't think I've charged the battery since we went to Texas in January.

So no pictures. You'll jst have to take my word for it - happy day!

Monday, May 04, 2009

100 miles

Yesterday Pete and I drove about 1.5 hours west of our house. To a small town airport. To pick up a motorcycle. When we got there, I spent about 15 minutes riding around the taxi-ways, getting used to the bike. I think Pete was more nervious that I was. He watched for a little bit and then left the area. *grin*

I spent made sure to go about 45 on the straight taxi-way (sans airplanes..) so I'd know what it felt like to go that fast. Wind in my hair, for I forgot my helmet for this little ride. Face in the wind, for there is no windshield. And smile plastered on my face! It was fun. Then I played around starting and stopping so that I could get the clutch down.

And I was ready. *breath in, breath out*

I suited up with helmet this time, gloves and that ever presant smile and we took off. We were both worried about having to go through town and all the stoplights, but I did it. Then the back country roads and getting that little 250 bike up to 55 miles and hour. Smile on, hands gripping the handlebars. Vibrating away from the motor trying to stay up to speed. Wind, lots of wind. Side wind making me lean to left or right. Going into the wind and my helmet lifting off my head (I needed to make it tighter). All the while smiling. I did it.

We'd stop at a stoplight or stop sign and Pete would pull up next to me. And any stranger would have had to look twice to see who's smile was bigger, his or mine. I did it. I rode on the streets with my husband behind me all the way. I can't wait to do it again. I can't wait until I have my bike, one that fits me and that I buy. I can't wait until he and I can ride side by side, in the sun, smiles all the way.

I truely have embraced the journey.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew that we'd be so old that we'd never make it through 2 let alone 3 of the movies at the drive in? We get there early and pick o good spot. Then we wait and hang out and chat. Then the first movie starts and we both watch it. Good movie and funny. The second movie starts and Pete falls asleep. He sleeps unitl the end of the second movie where I then wake him up and we drive home. Even with leaving early we didn't get to bed until 4am.

Who knew that riding in the car, in the rain would take so much out of a person? We got up at 8 Saturday (after about 4 hours of sleep) to meet some friends. We then got in their SUV and spent 3 hours driving to the sourthern part of the state to meet up with the group who was camping there. Whew. I was at the fire for about 1.5 hours and told Pete I needed to nap. I promptly fell asleep for 1 hour in the SUV. Woke up and it was time to to go. *sigh* Back in the SUV for a 3 hour drive home. Although we did stop for a lovely dinner on the way home.

Who knew you could be our age and sleep most of a Sunday? We were up early, but fell back asleep until 10 am or so. Ate a little, watched a little tv and were back asleep by 11:30 only to sleep again until 2. Up and I went grocery shopping (drepressing how much food actually costs) and we ate dinner. Went for a short ride and in bed by *gasp* 9pm where we watched TV until 11. Asleep again.

Who knew?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

When I close my eyes...

When I close my eyes I smell the minty air from the grove of trees we just passed. The fresh clean smell of the lilac bushes in the last yard. I smell the exhaust frm the truck in front of us. The smell of rain drops on hot pavement that signal summer. I smell Pete's cologne wisping past my face.

When I close my eyes I hear the low whine of the SUV's tires on the road and the high whine of the little car's tires. I hear the honking of a horn and the honking of the geese above. I hear the radio from the vehicle that just passed us on the right. I hear the air slip past my face and ears. I hear the rumble of the engine as Pete accellerates.

When I close my eyes I feel the vibration of the cycle all through my body. I feel the air separate at the tip of my nose and slide back past my ears. I feel the whisps of hair tickle my nose and cheek when it flies forward. I feel Pete's back warm against my front. I feel the leather collar on my jacket rub my chin. At times I feel Pete's phone vibrate if my hand just happens to be over it.

When I open my eyes I see the man I love, on the motorcycle he loves, with me on the back. It's a wonderful thing.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend Goodness

Wow, what a weekend.

Friday night we picked up the bike from the shop for it's 1000 mile check up. All good to go and Pete got the new handlebars put on. We dropped it off and went to shop for laptops. Pete had to turn in his work one because someone was going overseas and needed it. We bought a 16 inch home theater one that wasn't that expensive and should suit out needs well. We got home and Pete set it up for what he wanted and then went to shine the bike.

Saturday morning we got up at 7 and met a small group to ride to Hutchinson. It took a while and it was a chilly morning. When we got to Hutch we met up with a group called Dry Riders . We went on a range ride which meant that we rode to a gun shop and looked around. Then we went to and outdoor range and spent the day shooting. It was a lot of fun.

The group was pretty darn cool. We got warm welcomes from a lot of the group and they were really nice. They had lunch for everyone and prizes from raffle tickets (Pete won a cool wooden box) and everyone had weapons that they let others shoot. Pete invited Nancy from work who is the one that taught us in the conceal & carry class. She and her husband fit right in. It was such a cool day that we are going to prospect to join the club. And I got to shoot a .470 revolver. Pete helped steady my hands, but it was really powerful and cool!

We left there about 4 and started riding home. It was sunny and 80 something in Hutch. Only the closer we got to home, the cooler it was and the wetter it was. We were almost home and going around a corner when I yelled to Pete - "Is that SNOW?" and then realized that it was lots of small pea sized hail all over. Apparently we just missed the storm, which was a good thing as there is no place to hide on that stretch of drive. Saturday night we went to see some music in Minneapolis.

Sunday I woke up to find Pete washing and shining the bike. We got ready and left to have breakfast at Grantite City Brewery . Then we went to Best Buy where Pete bought me a new camera. It's a little Cannon Elph. It's got much the same features as my big camera, only small enough to fit in my palm & easy to carry. I tired it out on the back of the bike (lol) and it stablizied my pics so well that I am in love. We ran down to Centennial Lakes to see how a couple had it set up for a wedding. Then to his sisters to load up the old Harley. It went to a guy's house to be worked on. If it can get fixed, it's going to be my bike next year. If not, we'll have to look at getting a new one for me. Then we took a ride through Jordan and Belle Plaine. Only to come back to Raceway Park for the races. They were kind of borning and we left after the figure 8's.

Boy am I tired. Tired and red. I need to invest in some good sunblock and get a nap in!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Meet Siren

Actually, meet Pete and Siren. This is the bike that my booty has sat on for 300 miles in the last 2 1/2 evenings. (you booty gets used to it, right?) I love sitting on the back of the bike with Pete. Yesterday some high school girls kind of cat called to us. I don't know if it was for the bike, Pete or me. LOL It made me laugh at any rate. We rode back roads last night. There was a bike on the side of the road and we stopped to see what was wrong. I recognized the model of the bike and impressed myself and Pete. There wasn't anything we could do to help the guy so we continued on.

At times I want to put my arms out, Titannic style and let the wind wash over me. When we're sitting at a stop and the bike is idling, it makes my voice quake and like a child I purposely make noise ot hear myself. I also love looking at our shadows on the ground. Sometimes it's the perfect outline of 2 riders, me hugging Pete's back. Others, it's the 2 riders sitting straight up and my hair flowing in the wind behind me.

Speaking of hair - riding does nothing for it. LOL So I need a patch/shirt that says "hairstyle by Harley".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've been remiss...

In blogging. I have good intentions, but sometimes I just don't get here to post. I have been updaing the wedding blog a lot.

Last weekend was so much fun. We went to the races Friday! Raceway Park had their Friday Destruction night and it lived up to it's name. There was an awesome flagpole race that I got some cool pictures of. At the end there was a Dukes of Hazzard jump. I think there were about 12 cars/trucks. The last one was a t-top camero or something like that and it went 112 feet. One guy lost his back axel and another lost his front. I'm so happy that it's racing season.

Saturday we were to meet with the pastor, however, he forget and didn't show up. So we went up to the Harley dealer and joined in on the pig roast they were having. Pete talked more to the dealer about his bike and got all excited. Saturday night we took Grandma to the Glockenspeil for dinner. We talked about the wedding and told her some of the details. Then we went to The Anoka River Run and walked around. It was the first night and not many cars, but still cool. I told Pete that I thought it was cool that this was something that the city ok'd. When I was in school the thing to do was cruise the mainstreet. People would come out with families in lawn chairs after dinner & sit along the mainstreet to watch the cars. Only it got to be too much for the downtown and people living nearby complained. This River Run show blocks off several blocks for cars. Only they advertise and get people into the downtown stores and restaurants. We're going to go back again one of the weekends when it's got more cars.

Sunday we got up and ran down to the gun/knife show in Anoka. Nothing was purchased, but it was entertaining. Then we went to meet with the pastor. He was incredibly nice and didnt' charge for the meeting with him, only the compatability test. Pete giggled during the test and we talked about some of the questions afterwards. I can't wait to see where our strengths/weaknesses are as a couple. Then we went to the State Capital Building for the 150 year celebration. Can you believe that I have never been in and toured it? We got some cool pictures and even went out on the top where the golden horses are. Then we ran over to the MN History Center to see a copy of the Declaration of Independence. It was cool!!! Pete thought I was a dork, but in true Pete fashion, he never shows it and always goes along with what I want to do. Great man, isn't he?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's getting lighter

I can tell that the days are stretching out. It used to be that I'd drive to work in the dark. But in the last few weeks it's gotten lighter much earlier. Now I head into that beautiful orange sun each morning and it brightens the beginning of my day.

Sunday we did a Day Trip. I say that with capital letters because it's a title and important enought to warrant the capitals. We are on the search for the perfect brunch aftr having a great one when we were down in New Ulm a few weeks ago. So our quest conitnued on Sunday with brunch at Old Country Buffet. Sadly it was not 'it' and we're still on the search for the great one around here.

While eating we decided to go for a walk around Cenntennial Lakes Park. It was in the 30's a beautiful out. Hard to pass up when there has been so much snow and cold the last few months. So after brunch we got in the car & met a friend at the park. We walked for a little over 3 miles. While we were walking we got to talking about all the attractions at the park and mini golf was brought up. Since there is still snow, we headed to the Mall of America and Moose Mountain for some golf. Of course Pete won, but I wasn't that far behind.

Then we decided to go to the gym ( Anytime Fitness ) to work out. We lifted weights together and Pete showed me some new things to do on the weight machine. It really kicked my behind because my shins and shouldres have been sore ever since. We had dinner then went home to watch a movie: Easy Rider . It was cool to see how young Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson looked. The movie was ok, but sort of long in some parts.

But that, what I've just described, is a Day Trip. It's getting up and going to do one thing and ending up with a whole day full of activites that leave you wanting more. It's really gotten me wanting the warm weather and the fun of doing those things.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Finally Friday

Today is a good day.

It was snowing when I left home this morning. The whispy small flakes that float across the road like mist. It was pretty, but a little slippery in spots. I went to Walmart and picked up some Valentine's cards, some candy for my office, a fondue set for Pete and I and a gift card for a friend. Then I went and got 4 gift cards from Starbucks to send in the Valentine's cards.

4 people will be getting a little Valentine RAK from me! Happy Valentine's Day!

Then I paid for the person behind me in line at Starbucks as a RAK. It just felt good to do that today.

I can't decide whether to use the little fondue pot on Valentine's Day or take it with us this weekend to use on our little get away. Hmmm...decisions decisions.

I can't wait to get away tomorrow & Sunday. I know that it's only basically 24 hours and that we're only going 1.5 hours south of here. But it's somewhere different. I think I got so very used to the day trips that we were taking all summer and I miss them. I miss just jumping into the car, not really knowing where we're going and ending up someplace wonderful and having new experiences. I think I had more fun on those days then on the days that we had all planned out. There is something about just going where the wind takes you and working to find something fun to do/new to experience. It's freeing (is that a word?) and exciting.