Wednesday, June 05, 2013

192: WIW and A Strange Realization

It's that time of week again!
Pretty Strong Medicine
Like I said earlier in the week, I managed to gain 4 pounds and lose 4 pounds over the weekend.  I blame the weather or something.  But I'm back in the 190s.  (I don't understand...)  If you've never checked out the sponsors of Weigh In Wednesday or the other bloggers, go do it.  There's some wonderful motivators out there.

So Monday.  Monday I returned to Body Pump after not doing it for over 60 days (closer to 90 I think).  I went down in bar weight/hand weights from what I had been doing when I left.  It felt good to lift weights, to get my heart rate up and to burn calories.  I spent 41% of my hour there in fat burn according to my Polar watch. 

Monday night I crashed fast asleep about oh, 6:30pm.  (facepalm)  Woke up about 8:30pm, just in time to wipe the drool, do a few things around the house, watch the early news and go to bed.  Only I didn't sleep (of course).

Tuesday I was SOOOOOORRRRRE. My pecs were screaming, so clearly I've learned how to activate those lazy muscles.  My legs protested each stair at work and my booty wasn't happy sitting or walking.  YES!  The feeling I crave.  The one that keeps me going back for more weights.  The one that reminds me with each move that I did something; I was active; I RULE!

But Tuesday afternoon I went to push a door open and internally realized something weird.  My sore pecs and core/abdomen muscles?  These are the areas that are going to be sore after surgery.  So pushing the door was hard Tuesday, how hard would it be afterwards?  Would I even be able to open the door to the garage with the autocloser?  Could I slide the slider door to the patio?  It's strange to think that these things that I take for granted every day will be hard for me for a period of time and I will have to retrain and regrow those muscles to work.


  1. I totally crave that feeling. I've been struggling though because I work SO hard at the gym, I lift weights, I do lots of cardio but I wish I was more sore the next day. I swear I'm working hard and lifting heavy but maybe I need to try something new. I want to remember the next morning exactly what muscles I worked by the way they are killing me. I think I'm a bit evil ahaha.

    1. I have to change it up every so often because the muscles get used to the workout and I can't feel it the next day.

  2. I wish that I could find a body pump class near me. I hear people talking about all the time.

  3. I am nervous about group classes... I am fan of my Jillian DVDs

    We all go through a yoyo stage, you will find your way out of it!

  4. I did one day of shred it weight the easy ome and Iam soreee.

  5. I love that sore feeling! Great work! I want to try Body Pump when I get a new gym membership!