Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dinner Ride

Up until a few months ago, if I had seen a big group of bikes on the road, I'd have thought they were a biker 'gang'. Why? Mostly because of television and movies and general perception of bikers. And because I never really knew anyone who rode a motorcycle.

Last night we went to the local Harley dealer and met for dinner. I was excited. I'm facinated by the dynamics of groups of people. When Pete and I ride down the road, bikers give hand signals in acknowledgement of each other. Usually Pete's left hand is down in almost a 'give me 5' kind of way at his left side when he passes a biker.

There weren't very may bikes there when we got there. When it was time to leave, there were probably 30 bikes. All Harleys and all beautiful. The signal was given to ride out and all the bikes started and it was almost musical. The riders were in various Harely outfits and jackets. Som had half helmets, but mostly no helmets.

We started out and were in the front of the pack. Next time I'm going to ask Pete to stay to the back. I want to see the line of bikes as we ride. I really need to get a small camera. I was dying to get pictures as we were riding of the bikers and I'm facinated with the shoadow that Pete and I create on the bike. Somehow I'm going to get a picture of that.

The back got everything from waves from people, honks from cars/trucks, to wonder from little boys and interested, but wary looks from others. It felt good to be part of a group that people notice. I now understand the pull of it. Why people do it. And I can't wait for more.

We met some nice couples that ride in the dinners and various other things. I'm hoping that we get more involved with the people there for more rides.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just getting it done

There is something to be said for just getting it done and over with and not dragging it out. What is the it I'm referring to? Well Pete and his sister have had some hard decisions based on things related to their father's death. He's decided to just get it done. Not to linger about waiting. It's a good thing. I think that he needs some closure to the process and this will help out.

Memorial Day was Monday. We made our way to his parent's gravesite and spent some time there. We rode the bike because Pete wanted to show his Dad what he bought. It may just be wedding emotions, but I cried. I cried that they are not going to be with us at the wedding. Their physical presence will be greatly missed.

Then we stopped at the little building to find another site. I wanted to see Dave P's grave. Dave was a great friend of the family. He was happy go lucky, always laughing, tons of fun and great to be around. Unfortunately hidden under all that was a very sad and depressed man. He struggled for years with his depression and finally took his own life. It was a sad day for everyone. Even worse that it left my Dad with one less friend to do things with. It happended in the midst of 2.5 years in which we attended 7 funerals. I miss Dave and wonder what would have been.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Meet Siren

Actually, meet Pete and Siren. This is the bike that my booty has sat on for 300 miles in the last 2 1/2 evenings. (you booty gets used to it, right?) I love sitting on the back of the bike with Pete. Yesterday some high school girls kind of cat called to us. I don't know if it was for the bike, Pete or me. LOL It made me laugh at any rate. We rode back roads last night. There was a bike on the side of the road and we stopped to see what was wrong. I recognized the model of the bike and impressed myself and Pete. There wasn't anything we could do to help the guy so we continued on.

At times I want to put my arms out, Titannic style and let the wind wash over me. When we're sitting at a stop and the bike is idling, it makes my voice quake and like a child I purposely make noise ot hear myself. I also love looking at our shadows on the ground. Sometimes it's the perfect outline of 2 riders, me hugging Pete's back. Others, it's the 2 riders sitting straight up and my hair flowing in the wind behind me.

Speaking of hair - riding does nothing for it. LOL So I need a patch/shirt that says "hairstyle by Harley".

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Square Butt

Just like riding a pedal bike, it's going to take me some time to get used to sitting on the back of that cycle. The first night we did 50 miles on it. Last night we did a little over 100. I'm all leathered up now. Well, all except chaps.

I've learned that even though it looks nice out, it's cold on the back of that bike.
I've learned that wind will work it's way up the sleeve of your jacket no matter what you do.
I've learned that you CANNOT move until the drive says so. (sorry honey)
I've learned that other bikers passing you or seeing you will sometimes wave to you as if they're saying "ROCK ON!"
I've learned that I love the back of that bike. I can't wait for a little warmer weather and a nice long ride through some pretty areas.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


THIS is Siren.

She is a 2008 Road King Classic. Beautiful bike. Just beautiful. Pete picked her up last night and we took her for the first 50 mile ride. It was awesome. Hopefully the dealer can at least put the beackrest on before the weekend. The rest of the parts aren't in for the customs. I'm forsee a lot of time spent on that bike!

I've been remiss...

In blogging. I have good intentions, but sometimes I just don't get here to post. I have been updaing the wedding blog a lot.

Last weekend was so much fun. We went to the races Friday! Raceway Park had their Friday Destruction night and it lived up to it's name. There was an awesome flagpole race that I got some cool pictures of. At the end there was a Dukes of Hazzard jump. I think there were about 12 cars/trucks. The last one was a t-top camero or something like that and it went 112 feet. One guy lost his back axel and another lost his front. I'm so happy that it's racing season.

Saturday we were to meet with the pastor, however, he forget and didn't show up. So we went up to the Harley dealer and joined in on the pig roast they were having. Pete talked more to the dealer about his bike and got all excited. Saturday night we took Grandma to the Glockenspeil for dinner. We talked about the wedding and told her some of the details. Then we went to The Anoka River Run and walked around. It was the first night and not many cars, but still cool. I told Pete that I thought it was cool that this was something that the city ok'd. When I was in school the thing to do was cruise the mainstreet. People would come out with families in lawn chairs after dinner & sit along the mainstreet to watch the cars. Only it got to be too much for the downtown and people living nearby complained. This River Run show blocks off several blocks for cars. Only they advertise and get people into the downtown stores and restaurants. We're going to go back again one of the weekends when it's got more cars.

Sunday we got up and ran down to the gun/knife show in Anoka. Nothing was purchased, but it was entertaining. Then we went to meet with the pastor. He was incredibly nice and didnt' charge for the meeting with him, only the compatability test. Pete giggled during the test and we talked about some of the questions afterwards. I can't wait to see where our strengths/weaknesses are as a couple. Then we went to the State Capital Building for the 150 year celebration. Can you believe that I have never been in and toured it? We got some cool pictures and even went out on the top where the golden horses are. Then we ran over to the MN History Center to see a copy of the Declaration of Independence. It was cool!!! Pete thought I was a dork, but in true Pete fashion, he never shows it and always goes along with what I want to do. Great man, isn't he?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

*huge sigh of relief*

Hear that? It's me letting out all the worry. I finally called my insurance guy. I would have thought that he would have been calling me to update me, but he wasn't. I've been with the agency for 22 years and until these 2 accidents, nothing. So it kinds of makes me made about the lack of follow up. Anyway, he said that the insurance company finally decided yeterday that they would back date the policy and cover me for the accident. (yes...the man knew prior to close of business yesterday & never called me, letting me think they were not going to cover me)

Pete is bike crazy. Really. We have looked at several bikes, rode several bikes (him, not me) and visited several dealers and private owners. Right now he is leaning toward the Road King Classic. He likes the Road King and has always said that's what he wanted. The Classic makes it look like a bike from the 50's, just updated and it's cool! His money comes in in 14-21 days and he has intentions on purchasing the day it comes in! LOL

Do you know what Friday is? It's the start of the racing season. I CANNOT wait to be out in those stands again watching racing.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm kicking myself right now.

My stomache is in knots. Huge twirling knots that is making me sick.

I was involved in a fender bender Monday. Basically I was backing out of a parking spot in a lot. I was about 3/4 of the way out of the spot when I saw a truck coming to my right. I stopped and watched it pull into the spot to the right of me. Then I continued backing out.

What I didn't know is that there was a white work van on my left waiting to go behind me. When I stopped 3/4 of the way out he decided to slip behind me and go around. I didn't see him. I wonder if he even saw my face to see if I saw him back there. When I was in the coffee shop, he was in the drive thru and had pulled his grey sweatshirt hood up over his head, covering the sides of his face. I remember this because he looked forward in the drive thru and I couldn't see his profile. So I hit him. Only he didn't stop, he bascially slid all along my back bumper creating a scrape & dent along his side.

He pulled his hood down, got out of the van & said "I'm sure my boss won't make you pay much for that." Which immediately got my attention. First of all, it wasn't totally my fault. You don't go behind a car that is pulled out, hoping to get around it before they get all the way out. Secondly, once you hit, come to a complete stop, don't continue to slide along my bumper creating more of a dent. Third, the thing to say is "Are you ok? Let's trade information." He said he was late for work and I told him that I was calling the police and he got angry & said that he didn't have time for that. I told him I needed to do it anyway. He got even more mad. When I called dispatch I told them he didn't want to stay.

Anyway, the police came, took a report and left. Yesterday I got a call from the owner fo the business asking for insurance information. Today I spoke with the claim office for my insurance. My payment was late. It was in the mail and to the office, but late. So they need to get the policy backdated or I'm not covered.

I am literally sick to my stomache.

Monday, May 05, 2008


With the passing of Pete's Dad I'm ever so much aware of the strain on my relationship with my parents. Although I complained greatly about them sometimes, I love them. Sometimes I miss the weekly calls I used to get from my Mom.

My parents, my sister and my grandma came to the funeral. I think it really showed Pete that they care. At least I hope that was the reason behind it. The Saturday before it, we were at my Grandmas house for dinner. My Dad and Pete talked in the garage and my Mom came out while they were talking. My Dad when into the house and Pete stayed out with my Mom. She said to him that cancer really changes a person. That it had changed her and made her do things that she really wasn't very proud of and that she regretted. When Pete told me that I told him that it was probably as close to an apology for the stuff that happened as anything he would ever get. It gave me hope.

I know that my relationship will never be the same. I can forgive the things that she did. It's much harder to forget them.

This past weekend we went shooting with my Dad. He offered money for the wedding. And I feel relieved.

Some days are better than others

Lots has happened in the last couple of weeks. I think that Pete has a healthy take on his Dad's passing. Although he meets with critisism for not grieving the way that people think he should. We have an influx of items from his Dad's house. Things that Pete wants and needs as part of his family and memories. We have some rearranging to do, but it's all coming because it's important. I love the sound of the coo-coo clock in the morning and I'm facinated to 'wind it'.

I can now say that I am legally able to carry a loaded handgun in the state of MN. It's exciting. It's not that I think I would ever need it, but it's something that Pete and I did together. He would carry a lot and probably will. I'm sure that he would have any situation under control & acted upon before I could even pull my weapon out. However, it's nice to know that I can have one if I want to. And my little carry gun finally came in today so I need to go buy that thing! I'm excited.

As for the wedding, we've accomplished a lot. Catering, flowers, DJ... We have another cake tasting this weekend. A wonderful internet friend is working on the invites. I need to get going on the address list and we need to register soon.

Some days I have bride brain. It's all I can think about. Others, I'm blissfully free of thinking about what needs to be done and when to get it done.