Wednesday, May 14, 2008

*huge sigh of relief*

Hear that? It's me letting out all the worry. I finally called my insurance guy. I would have thought that he would have been calling me to update me, but he wasn't. I've been with the agency for 22 years and until these 2 accidents, nothing. So it kinds of makes me made about the lack of follow up. Anyway, he said that the insurance company finally decided yeterday that they would back date the policy and cover me for the accident. (yes...the man knew prior to close of business yesterday & never called me, letting me think they were not going to cover me)

Pete is bike crazy. Really. We have looked at several bikes, rode several bikes (him, not me) and visited several dealers and private owners. Right now he is leaning toward the Road King Classic. He likes the Road King and has always said that's what he wanted. The Classic makes it look like a bike from the 50's, just updated and it's cool! His money comes in in 14-21 days and he has intentions on purchasing the day it comes in! LOL

Do you know what Friday is? It's the start of the racing season. I CANNOT wait to be out in those stands again watching racing.

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