Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So, my friend picked up a guy at the bar for me

Seriously. She did.

She came home with the number written on a receipt, in her pocket. The next day she kept trying to figure out why she had the number. You see, she has a boyfriend. SHe finally remember that it was for me.

So she explained that he was hanging out with her and another friend at the bar. They got to talking and he kept saying that he wanted to find someone "down to earth". Hmm, wonder what that means actually? Do I fit that description? Anyway, she told him that I had been seeing someone and she didn't know if it was going to work or not. She told him that he should go out with me. He kind of laughed it off and they kept hanging out. Right before last call he went over and asked her if she was serious about me. She told him she was and so he gave her his number.

She got done telling me this and said that I shold go out with me. We both agreed that it would be werid for me to call him first.

"Uh hello. You don't know me. Actually I don't know you either. Uh, you met my freind at the bar. You guys hung out all night. No, no, she has a boyfriend so she referred you to me."

Seriously, how embarassing! So she called him and told him that I would go out with him and asked him how he wanted to do this. She offered up just meeting one night with her and her boyfriend. Oh and me of course. He asked for my number and said that he would call me.

We've been playing phone tag all week. I get up the nerve to place what seems like a cold call, given I know nothing about him. Then he doesn't answer. I get a messgae from him and start the process again and what do you know - he's not answering.

So tonight, as I write this, I'm stalling. Yep. My turn to call him again.

Ok, here I go.

Ok, really this is it.

No, I swear this time I'll pick up the phone.

Um, may be I need a beer.


Less than a weeek from now I'll be an aunt again.

My sister is going in for a scheduled c-section. I wonder what's it like knowing that your child will absolutely be born on a particular day? Did it every cross her mind to say, "Nope, I want my child born on the 1st, not the 2nd!" or "I was hoping to wait a week so he/she would be a June baby instead of a May baby." Do you think?

Anyway, I took the whole week off to spend with my niece. She's 3 and more than likely will have issues with her place of glory as the only child being taken away. Hell, I was her thirty some years ago. I know how she's going to feel. Well maybe not exactly. Actually I don't remember my time when my sister was born, so I'm going from stories told about it. I do remember standing on one of the black vinyl kitchen chairs in the kitchen of the apartment we were living in. I was watching my Mom mix up bottles of the special formula that my sister needed. It's actually my earliest memory. I had to have been almost 3 at that time. Isn't it amazing that the mind can remember things at such an age? And I wonder what it was about that memory that implanted in my brain?

So my niece and I are going to go shopping for the new baby, play together, do some crafts and decorate for halloween. I'm doing to spend the time to get all those darn pumpkin seeds from those pumpkins so we can roast them together. She loves popcorn, so I think she'll like those seeds.

I'm excited!

I'm not a very steady poster, am I?

It either means that I'm leading a boring life or I'm too busy to post. Let's not guess which one applies to the last few months, ok?