Saturday, June 18, 2011

Facing my future

Do you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I'm both horrified and amazed when I watch it. If not, go to ABC and watch the June 10th episode.  It's powerful.

The show it's self is powerful in teaching you about food and where it comes from.  It's certainly made me really think about whole, natural food from a source that I can verify.  It's made me realize that the USDA and the government has regulations, but it doesn't necessarily mean that those regulations are protecting my body. 

But more importantly, it has made me realize that I'm fighting the decisions I made as a teen and in looking at my parents/aunts & uncles and grandparents as my future if I don't make some real life changes.  My mom has high blood pressure, chronic pain, is over weight, issues with vitamin deficiencies...  My dad is diabetic, over weight, high blood pressure...  My grandparents had stroke, high blood pressure, diabetic, some over weight...  None of them wanted this.  None of them thought they'd be in that place. 

I can't help but think that this is my future unless I made real changes in how I treat my body.  I see this 60+ year old Michelle as someone who is still overweight and struggling, high blood pressure (even though it's usually low now), diabetic, high cholesterol.  Through tears, I can tell you that is not what I want.  I have a different picture in my head of what my 60 year old self would look like and be able to do.

I need to fight with my 41 year old body.  I need to fight with my 41 year old muscles.  I need to fight with my 41 year old mind.  I need to fight FOR my soul.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    When that show first aired last year it is what got me thinking about becoming a vegetarian. It also lead me reading a bunch of books about the food industry and clean eating. Of course, I am not a full time Veg anymore, but I have recently started considering a change again. Giving up meat doesn't work for everyone, but now we have the resources to make educated choices. The information we are getting now is POWERFUL and I am so thankful!

  2. Haven't seen the show - but totally want to! Lots of lessons to be learned. Thanks for the info! :)