Monday, November 05, 2007


Me + squats with the bar at the gym = extreamly sore muscles for going on 3 days now....

Enough said about that.

It's dentist day today. I really dislike the dentist. Only because I can't open my mouth very much and it hurts for a while afterwards.

P.S. I played a new Christmas CD on the way to work this morning in the truck. Yes, I know it's only 11/5, but I love Christmas music.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Finally Friday

So this is week one of working out at the gym. Wasn't so bad.

{pssst.....remind me of this statement in 2 months when it's colder than crap out and all I want to do is go home...}

Yesterday P and I did cardio for 45 minutes then lifted weights. He got me to do some machines that I'd never have tried on my own. And he encouraged me to keep going when it was hard. However, he asked which one I disliked the most. When I told him he said that that was the machine we'd be working on the most because it's the one that I needed the most. Naturally I stuck my tongue out at him as a response.

Now on to matters of food... (like that transition?) Tomorrow we're celebrating my sisters birthday with Famous Daves (yum) and i'm making a Martha Stewart Salty Sweet Cake. Oh, wait. Of course I'm going to the gym before we go over there so I'll work off about 1/10th of what I actually eat. lol Maybe I should go to the gym before and after?

Other than that? I can hear out of my left ear again - kind of. It's been plugged all week. P thought it was hillarious to stop talking in the middle of his conversation and just mouth the words at me at random times throughout the week. Yeah, fun. Umm...not. Then a guy a work started doing that yesterday. Real funny you two. So I've been putting marine drops in my ear all week to *warning gross stuff ahead* soften up all that impacted wax and get it out. One night I was walking around with my head tilted to keep the drops in and banged my head on the corner. Well, I wasn't used to my head being twice it's normal width! Last night I shot warm water in my ear via that bulb thing that you use to suck snot from a baby. *warning, more gross stuff* Chunks of hard wax came out. YAY EAR WAX! So I put more drops in and tried the water thing again this morning. No more came out. I'm going to try the drops for a few more days and see if I can get it all. If not, a trip to the doctor for the high pressure ear wax hose is in store. shudder.

Well, that's more than you really wanted to know about my ear wax so I'll stop for now...