Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 is ending...

For the longest time I would stand outside at night and stare up into the sky. I'd mutter under my breath "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight." Then I'd wish for that special man who would understand me, love me, allow me to be who am I and make me happy. For years the wish never came true. And I thought my prince charming would never come along. I thought that he was lost somewhere and we would never meet. With each year, I'd get more and more close up. More and more withdrawn. Almost building a shell to make sure that no one saw just how lonely and ALONE I was. How sad and tired and uninspired with life I was.

But in 2007 my wish came true.

I'w with a man who has made me more me than anyone else has ever come close to. A man who looks at me and I see in his eyes who I really am. I see a man who cares for me whether or not I'm just out out the shower and all put together or just off the treadmill looking spent. A man who willing does things for me because he loves me. A man who lets me say and do things that I've always wanted to, been been too afraid to try. A man who fills in the blank spaces in my life with happiness and joy.

I watched him sleep one day. His face scruffy with whiskers, slack from relaxation of sleep. I watched him breath in and out at rest. I watched him and realized that I am so thankful for him. For how and when he came into my life. For what he gives me and what he lets me give him. I need him and he needs me.

So on 12/23/07 he presented me with a beautiful ring. A ring that means that we will share everything forever. That I don't have to live without him again. And I am happy.