Monday, December 17, 2012

192; Kindness

I follow/read MamaLaughlin, do you?  You should.  About 2 weeks ago now, she posted again about buying something from Kiki La'Rue Boutique.  So I went on my phone and looked at the site. 

I'm forever trying to build a wardrobe of clothes that I love.  I used to buy clothes that were ok, because it was all I had.  Now my criteria first includes the question "Do you love it?"  if the answer is no or that I just like it, then I don't buy it.  Kiki La'Rue had some pieces that were different from what I saw in stores that I was going into and the prices were pretty great too.

So I ordered.  I ordered Keep Calm and Sparkle.  When I did, I mentioned in the comments that I found her site via MamaLaughlin so she would know where I came from and I mentioned that I had lost lots of weight and was trying to fit my new shape. 

That was Sunday.  Monday I got a message from Becka, the owner on my phone.  She asked me to call her.  I was a bit down because I figured that my top was out of stock in my size or something and I'd have to reorder.  I was wrong.

When I called her back she congratulated me on my weight loss.  (I love hearing this.  It is such positive reinforcement to keep going.)  But then she made me cry.  She told me that she was putting my money in my account and sending me my top for free.  I was shocked and I cried at my desk.  With tears running down my face I thanked her profusely and told her how she made my day!  It was such an act of kindness for me.  It was more than just a free piece of clothing.  It was acknowledgment of my journey.  It was reaching out and sharing my story.  It was a connection through a blogger that I read for inspiration.  It was a whole lot more.

Friday I got my mail and found this: 

Sparkly Pink package!

My top!  It was beautifully wrapped in tissue and had a sticker matching this tag.  I immediately ran to my bedroom to try it on.  It's not something that I would have bought for myself in the past.  It's likely not something that I would wear to work, but I 'd definitely talk Pete into taking me out and wear this.  It makes me feel beautiful!

Ignore the weird angle and the mirror.  And I think there is toothpaste from someone at the bottom that makes it look like a bird pooped on me.  But...I love it!  And you can tell by my smile that it makes me feel good!

So this is my shout out to Kiki La'Rue.  I don't do this often, because it's not often that places I shop at make such an impact.  But go check her things out.  I'll bet there is something you like.  Try it.  Try her service and her shop.  Then tell her and me what your experience was like!


  1. This is such a great post! I love Becka from Kiki La Rue! This is such a great story! : )

  2. And this is why we all LOVE Becka!!! Congrats on your weight loss!!!!

  3. Love the top! I got my first item from Becka last week! (actually my husband ordered it, and she left a cute note that said "hope she loves it" It's little things like that,that will make me order again! She clearly loves what she does, and why wouldn't so... it's ALL so cute!

    Congratulations on your weightloss! That top is SUPER CUTE!!!!


  4. You look FANTASTIC!!!

  5. Becka does ROCK! And you looks GREAT in that top! Congrats on the weight loss!!!