Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I'm losing my left big toenail. And interestingly enough, it's a tradition. When Pete and I were married I wore these awesome shoes.

I loved them. My feet however, did not. I think I traipsed around Centennial Lakes about twice that day which comes out to about a mile. And it was .9 of a mile too long. Even though I took the shoes off after the ceremony, my feet were done. D.O.N.E. By the end of the night I wished for a fairy to come carry me off to bed.

Over the next couple of months I lost the nails from the 4th toe on each foot. Nice huh? I've never lost a nail before, so it was an intresting progression.

In September Pete and I went to Woodside Cottages for the weekend for our anniversary. It was lovely and secluded and we had a great time. Only, I opened the heavy wooden bathroom door on my left big toe. It pushed the nail back and caused me pain. Then I noticed bleeding. Since I hada pedicure and dark polish on I didn't see under the nail.

We came home and I neglected my pedicure for the next month. Then, one day, I took all the polish off. And there, under my big toenail, was evidence of the injury. I'll spare you the details, but it's not a pretty sight. I will say that Pete is anxiously awaiting the loss of the nail. If for no other reason, than so that he no longer has to hear about it each time I see the ugly nail.

So, there it is. Our wedding/anniversary tradition. I can honestly say I'm a little fearful of next year.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The dilemma

Ok, so I've been following The Pioneer Woman for a few years. I like her writing style and her sense of humor. Oh, and her use of butter. Butter is a good thing despite what Pete says. Or my doctor. Anyway, Ive got a dilemma.

I agreed to watch my 7 year olf niece and 4 year old nephew next weekend. Yes I did. I did it so that my sister and brother in law could go to Vegas. And so that they would really owe me BIG TIME. *insert evil grin* So I've been thinking this whole time how I could do all these cool auntie things with them all weekend and we'd have fun and we'd giggle and laugh and play. Then I realized that the book signing for the Pioneer Woman falls on the same weekend.


I just read that people are standing in line for 4 hours. 4 HOURS! to get their books signed. I've never been to a signing before, is this how they all are? So I could skin the signing and cry, pout and generally be grumpy all weekend. Or Pete (he really did offer) could run around the biggest mall in the US chasing a 4 year old and a 7 year old for $ HOURS while I stand in one place to get a signature. I have visions of Pete running around with a kid on each shoulder like a sack of potatoes while I stand. Or Pete calling me to say that he was lost, but the kids were looking for him (because that is what kids think when they run away from their caregivers...) Or all sorts of wild things that could happen inside that mall.

I know, it all sounds silly, right? 4 HOURS for a signature.

But, she's the Pioneer Woman.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I miss it

Pete's sister took a trip to the Grand Canyon last weekend. Actually they drive a car to Scottsdale for someone and then flew back. This morning I looked at her pictures. I miss it. I miss Arizona. I miss the saturated blue sky. I miss the red rocks of Sedona. I miss the cool drive in the canyon down to Phoenix. I miss the landscape of rocks and vegitation springing out of nowhere. I miss the carved out gecko's in the freeway overpasses. I miss the warmth of the sun in the winter. I miss the people and the places that I hadn't yet had time to explore. I think I actually ache for a vacation there.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I'm blank

I want to write. I sit and stare at the screen. I think all lofty thoughts. Only nothing comes out.


I guess it's just that way sometimes.