Thursday, September 27, 2007

I think it clicked

A week ago I was off in my own little world thinking. I was in the car, sitting next to P while he was driving womewhere. I don't remember what I was thinking before or after. But in the moment I realized that I truely love him. That I couldn't imagine my life without him. That he completes me in many ways that I never even knew I needed completed. That he has awakened a sense in learning, seeing a doing that I never knew I had. That he makes me laugh when I think I should be upset. And I realized that there were a million little reasons why I need him and love him.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Huh, September

Yeah, so I got sidetracked during September.

Let me sum it up for you....

Went camping up north (about 4 hours north of here) over Labor Day. Too bad they were having a burn ban from the lack of rain. If I can figure out the issue with my pc, I'll load some pictures. We'll see about that. Oh yeah, during the whole camping thing P and/or I had colds. Yeah, camping isn't as much fun when your nose is running all night. We went moose watching, but never saw anything. At night, instead of sitting by a fire, we sat in the car and watch a movie on the laptop. High Tech camping! LOL

The short track racing season is coming to a close here in...coldness. It was in the lower 50's a couple of weekends ago with a strong breeze. Layers? I had a short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, pullover hooded sweatshirt & P's sweatshirt on. THEN I had a blanket over my lap. It was kind of chilly, but damn if I wasn't going to spend the night at the races! Last weekend the track had a Destruction Night. I am in LOVE with the flagpole races. The cars make a trip around the track & to finish it they have to go around a flag in a huge tire. You have some cars coming in to make the turn while others are trying to get out. As P's friend said "It's awesome!" That night they had school busses do the flag pole. I'll say it this time. It was awesome! Of course one guy ran into another bus and flipped it. The guy in the flipped bus just hung from his restraints laughing.

I am no longer a Ren Fest virgin. Interesting experience. We met a woman on a second date with some guy while waiting for the jousting to start. She ended up talking to us more than him. He wasn't pleased! She gave her number to us to meet up sometime and go out. But I think that she was too drunk when we met her to remember us because she wouldn't return calls or text messages. LOL The rest of the day was fun. I got my chest sparkled by a roaming guy. I ate a turkey leg and somewonderful cake. Then walked and walked.

The rest of the month was spent walking or biking or rollerskating or bowling or going to the local blues house to listen to jazz/blues or movies or whatever P and I can think of to do. The rollerskating worries my Mom. She thinks I'm too old to start skating again. In reality my old skates still fit and I like rolling around the rink that I rolled around when I was 12.

The biking is kicking my butt! butt is sore. LOL But I can do about 8 miles around the lakes, up and down hills, with and against the wind. Only thing is that I don't fit on the woman's bike P has, I fit better on his. So we're in the market for a new bike for him that fits him better and then I can use his. Maybe Santa?

So I'll try to be better again about posting. Really I will.

And if you could, keep P in your thoughts. His Dad is in and out of the hospital a lot lately. I'm sure that it's going to continue to get more and more as his illness continues. They both could use all the good thoughts you can spare.