Wednesday, April 11, 2012

121: Rest Days

I am sore from yesterday.  Good sore.  I went 2 miles on the treadmill with a .10 mile rest spread out in the second mile.  Then I decided to go for it and ended up getting in 4.25 miles in 1 hour.  Awesome feeling.  I can't wait to do it again and I think that means that I'm addicted.  But then I went back to the gym last night to do a Body Pump class with my sister.  She had never been before.  It was a lot of lungs and squats.  My legs are good sore and needed a rest day.

I slept until 6:30 this morning.  6:30!  It was wonderful to allow myself to wake up next to Pete and cuddle with him and the pooch for a while before jumping up for my day ahead.  I think sometimes I get so wrapped up in my journey that I forget the little things.  In fact I think it's a good reminder to me to stop and listen to everything around me.

I have a friend who's husband just had a gastric band also.  They are a family of 4 and are having growing pains adjusting to a new life where exercise can sometimes consume you.  Talking to her really made me think.  Am I doing this?  Did Pete do this?  When I think about it, Pete was pretty determined, but he never let his working out get in the way of us.  And certainly I seem to be doing the same thing.  When he was changing his diet, I decided to change my diet and eating habits at the same time.  I think that we have done a pretty good job of supporting each other.  The thing is that we don't have kids.  We have a dog who's pretty low maintenance.

The whole point of the gastric band and all the information before having it, is that you change your life.  You make changes that you can live with to create a new you and a new path.  But it all has to fit into your life.  And making that work seems to be the hardest thing.  The program talks a lot about making sure that you're aware of your relationships while going through this.  Make sure that you're not letting the life you have go for a new life.  I never once felt like Pete was letting his life go.  I was certainly jealous of his success, but I told him that in the moment and got over it.  I think we both made an effort to change with his surgery and it both secured his success and set me up to be successful when I decided it was my time to go through it also.

So tonight I'm inviting my hubby on a date.  Nothing big, just a shared meal at one of our favorite restaurants, some hand holding and a walk with the dog afterwards.  I feel the need to stop and take in all that is surrounding me to appreciate it.


  1. You seem to be doing great!

  2. Ah! YAY!! I wanted to run again as soon as I finished my mile. But rest days are important! Keep it up!!

  3. Good job on the progress on the treadmill!

  4. great work, I so miss working out, when I was losing in the first year it was so important, now two years out, and two jobs and life, I really need to make time for it again.