Thursday, April 12, 2012

213: Is There Ever a Terrible Workout?

Quick answer?  Yes.

Long Answer?  Yes, but....

I'm a little frustrated.  The number in my title is my weight.  I was down to 209, but I'm holding at 212/213 for the last week.  Monday and Tuesday I had awesome days at the gym and I was on a high thinking about how the magic number would start reducing again.  Yesterday I took my rest day and just did some home stretching and relaxing.  Ready to get back to it this morning, right?  Wrong.

My legs are still a it sore and tired.  I stretched at the treadmill and hopped on to start moving.  But about 5 minutes into it, I could tell that it wasn't working.  Rather than pushing myself I headed over to the elliptical/stepper machine I used earlier in the week.  I did 20 minutes on that machine, but it only made my legs a bit more sore.  So I headed back to the treadmill to walk.  That wasn't it either.  So I stopped.  I sat on a mat an stretched while Pete finished his workout.

I'm, disappointed and frustrated.  My legs are usually tired from running and I know that I can push through the tiredness.  But I'm not sure if I should push through the soreness.  And I certainly don't want to hurt myself to the point that I can't get to the gym at all.  So Pete rolled me out with the foam roller this morning and I'll have him do it again tonight and hope that tomorrow is a better workout day. 

I'm researching palates and yoga.  I'm a horrible yoga-er as per the classes I've taken in the past.  But I think that I need something that helps me relax, concentrate on my body and stretch.  I think this is to say that I am realizing that running and Body Pump isn't a complete body exercise plan for me.


  1. Hang in there!
    Some days are simply better then others.

  2. Love the yoga. DO you have a good "beginners" class you can go to?

  3. I think you need to work through the sore. Its good for your body to be a little sore, and will get you off the plateau you are on. I work through sore almost every day (I was 60lbs overweight and started CrossFit 5 months ago-- I've lost 35 and gained more than I could ever begin to tell you.) and see great benefit from it. Remind yourself there is a difference in sore and in pain, but sore is good for your body to work through.

    Would love to get to know you more! =)