Monday, May 05, 2008

Some days are better than others

Lots has happened in the last couple of weeks. I think that Pete has a healthy take on his Dad's passing. Although he meets with critisism for not grieving the way that people think he should. We have an influx of items from his Dad's house. Things that Pete wants and needs as part of his family and memories. We have some rearranging to do, but it's all coming because it's important. I love the sound of the coo-coo clock in the morning and I'm facinated to 'wind it'.

I can now say that I am legally able to carry a loaded handgun in the state of MN. It's exciting. It's not that I think I would ever need it, but it's something that Pete and I did together. He would carry a lot and probably will. I'm sure that he would have any situation under control & acted upon before I could even pull my weapon out. However, it's nice to know that I can have one if I want to. And my little carry gun finally came in today so I need to go buy that thing! I'm excited.

As for the wedding, we've accomplished a lot. Catering, flowers, DJ... We have another cake tasting this weekend. A wonderful internet friend is working on the invites. I need to get going on the address list and we need to register soon.

Some days I have bride brain. It's all I can think about. Others, I'm blissfully free of thinking about what needs to be done and when to get it done.

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