Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend Goodness

Wow, what a weekend.

Friday night we picked up the bike from the shop for it's 1000 mile check up. All good to go and Pete got the new handlebars put on. We dropped it off and went to shop for laptops. Pete had to turn in his work one because someone was going overseas and needed it. We bought a 16 inch home theater one that wasn't that expensive and should suit out needs well. We got home and Pete set it up for what he wanted and then went to shine the bike.

Saturday morning we got up at 7 and met a small group to ride to Hutchinson. It took a while and it was a chilly morning. When we got to Hutch we met up with a group called Dry Riders . We went on a range ride which meant that we rode to a gun shop and looked around. Then we went to and outdoor range and spent the day shooting. It was a lot of fun.

The group was pretty darn cool. We got warm welcomes from a lot of the group and they were really nice. They had lunch for everyone and prizes from raffle tickets (Pete won a cool wooden box) and everyone had weapons that they let others shoot. Pete invited Nancy from work who is the one that taught us in the conceal & carry class. She and her husband fit right in. It was such a cool day that we are going to prospect to join the club. And I got to shoot a .470 revolver. Pete helped steady my hands, but it was really powerful and cool!

We left there about 4 and started riding home. It was sunny and 80 something in Hutch. Only the closer we got to home, the cooler it was and the wetter it was. We were almost home and going around a corner when I yelled to Pete - "Is that SNOW?" and then realized that it was lots of small pea sized hail all over. Apparently we just missed the storm, which was a good thing as there is no place to hide on that stretch of drive. Saturday night we went to see some music in Minneapolis.

Sunday I woke up to find Pete washing and shining the bike. We got ready and left to have breakfast at Grantite City Brewery . Then we went to Best Buy where Pete bought me a new camera. It's a little Cannon Elph. It's got much the same features as my big camera, only small enough to fit in my palm & easy to carry. I tired it out on the back of the bike (lol) and it stablizied my pics so well that I am in love. We ran down to Centennial Lakes to see how a couple had it set up for a wedding. Then to his sisters to load up the old Harley. It went to a guy's house to be worked on. If it can get fixed, it's going to be my bike next year. If not, we'll have to look at getting a new one for me. Then we took a ride through Jordan and Belle Plaine. Only to come back to Raceway Park for the races. They were kind of borning and we left after the figure 8's.

Boy am I tired. Tired and red. I need to invest in some good sunblock and get a nap in!

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