Monday, June 01, 2009

Full Circle

A year ago Pete bought his bike and we looked for a group to join. Partly because Pete wanted to have people to ride with. He's always one for riding, no matter the time of day and wanted to make sure that there were others like him. Partly for friendship. We each had friends coming into this relationship, but not the kind of friends that we did things with. So we found the Dry Riders and joined.

The first outing we went to was the Gun Run (heretofore called the Range Ride). And it was a lot to take in. All new people and learning who they were and how they fit in. Shooting different weapons and that cold morning ride out to the Hutchinson Airport. If you look back I believe I have pictures from it.

Saturday we headed out again for the Range Ride. This time Pete was riding his bike and I was riding mine.

We had all kinds of fun. We rode out from the airport again and all the bikes lined up there and under the tree at the range are pretty cool. Someone has pictures of all of us by the bikes with various weapons. I'm sure we look like hellions.
The guys were shooting trap by the lake. Although Pete thought they looked like a firing squad. To be honest, I sort of agree.
And in true man fashion, it took a gaggle of them to search for a screw. I know that you think there is a joke somewhere in there, but it's true. They were searching for a tiny tiny screw for a sight on one of the shotguns. Eventually they found it, but could never get it out of the grass.
So, we've come full circle.

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