Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What's cuter than cute?

Little girls playing softball of course. Alison is almost 7 and in her second year of ball. Pete and I went to watch a game and man are those girls cute. I have to say that all but one hit with pitches, not the T.

Isn't she cute? She got a really good hit her first time up and ran those bases wonderfully.

She played the second base the first inning and made all kinds of friends with the players that landed on second base. It was great to see her interacting with other kids - ones that she didn't even know. She's usually so shy around new people when she is with the family. It's great to see her aquiring that skill on her own.

And what little kids sports game would be complete without playing around? This inning she was more interested in the bench than what the team was doing.

OH! And guess what? On the way to her game I reached 1500 miles on my bike! 4 weeks and 1500 miles rode. I think I might like the motorcycle.

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