Monday, May 11, 2009

I have no pictures...

Usually when we ride with the group to some motorcycle function, I'm taking pictures the whole way. I come home and I have scenery pictures, riding pictures, party pictures...usually too many to count.

Only this time I have no pictures.

Firstly it's because...I RODE MY OWN BIKE! I rode for the first time in a group with the rest of the club. It was so cool. I did pretty good - kept up and didn't have any issues. The one time I killed it, I got it started again so that no one really noticed. And if you could see me know, you'd see a smiling woman with the print of goggle eyes already. In other words, I've been out riding so much with my glasses on that my eyes and the surrounding skin are white and the rest of my face is tanned. I've been putting on sunscreen daily now.

When we did get to the outing, I pulled out my camera to take pictures...and my battery had died. I use it so little in the winder that I don't think I've charged the battery since we went to Texas in January.

So no pictures. You'll jst have to take my word for it - happy day!

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