Thursday, June 05, 2008

When I close my eyes...

When I close my eyes I smell the minty air from the grove of trees we just passed. The fresh clean smell of the lilac bushes in the last yard. I smell the exhaust frm the truck in front of us. The smell of rain drops on hot pavement that signal summer. I smell Pete's cologne wisping past my face.

When I close my eyes I hear the low whine of the SUV's tires on the road and the high whine of the little car's tires. I hear the honking of a horn and the honking of the geese above. I hear the radio from the vehicle that just passed us on the right. I hear the air slip past my face and ears. I hear the rumble of the engine as Pete accellerates.

When I close my eyes I feel the vibration of the cycle all through my body. I feel the air separate at the tip of my nose and slide back past my ears. I feel the whisps of hair tickle my nose and cheek when it flies forward. I feel Pete's back warm against my front. I feel the leather collar on my jacket rub my chin. At times I feel Pete's phone vibrate if my hand just happens to be over it.

When I open my eyes I see the man I love, on the motorcycle he loves, with me on the back. It's a wonderful thing.

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