Thursday, August 08, 2013

197.2: Medical Updates

Bump Watch 2013:

I detailed how the doctor thought I may have a blood clot in this post.  After an ultrasound, they believe that it's some inflamed tissue and dying fat.  The doctor prefers to leave it and see if my body will just absorb the dying fat and the tissue will settle down.  Now as gross as all this sounds, the dying fat is normal.  They expect some of this.  the doctor has said all along that it's likely that they would have to go back in and do some additional liposuction to even out my breasts and that some of the fat may die and that also can be corrected.

So I've been living with this.  But currently, we are on Bump Watch 2013.  Over last weekend I was sweeping (I know!  I know I shouldn't be doing it.) and then the area around the bump was more sore than usual.  A few hours later, I moved my left arm and a pain shot through my chest by the bump.  Since that time, when I move, there are random times that I feel the same pain.  Monday night it happened when took something from the table next to me and moved it laterally towards me.  Ouch.  Then it reoccurred in bed.  After a couple times of it happening, I tend to hold my arm against me when I walk and stop using my arm.  I turned to the right to grab something off my nightstand and then back to the left to talk to Pete and the searing pain shot through my chest and up my neck.  So we started Bump Watch 2013:

It's about 3 inches around and very hard at night.  It's decreased in pain, size and not as hard in the morning.  I know that I need to ask about when to do something and what would happen with this bump.  It's prohibiting me from doing things like exercising my shoulders/arms, showering, writing/typing, etc.

Dead Skin Watch 2013:

So, I have a patch of skin under my left breast that is dying.  Again, it's something that they expect.  As long as it's not spreading/growing, it's ok.  I've been watching it for the last week.  When it started, it was the size of a nickel.  Now, it's the size of a pencil eraser.  But it's getting better.

Gastric Band Update:

I went from 10.15cc to 8.15cc prior to surgery.  I didn't want any food sticking to issues with possible nausea while recovering.  In the hospital there were times that I had dry heaves the night after surgery.  It was horrible.  Not only did it hurt my abdomen and chest to have to flex the muscles, but it would have been much worse if there were issues with my band while that was happening. 

I went back Wednesday and had my band doctor put more back in the band.  I'm over eating because I know that I can and I need that fill to remind me to STOP.  So she put 2 of the 3cc back in.  I feel less hungry already and less interested in food again.  I ate less for dinner and breakfast.  Whether it's purely in my head or not, I have no idea.

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