Friday, August 09, 2013

196.6; Friday Five, Photo Edition

Crochet:  I have a nice pile of nubby cloths.  I'm going to keep going to about 20 in various colors.  Then I'm going to find some small bars of soap and give a cloth & soap as a little gift for Christmas.
My Nook:  I've read "For the Sins of My Father by Albert DeMao, The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel, Beyond Belief by Jenny Miscavige Hill, Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum and now I'm onto Damascus Countdown by Joel Rosenberg.

Moisture:  These are my favorite things for moisturizing my hands.  I love them!

My chair:  They came to pick it up on Monday.  It's definitely a bit more difficult.  I can't sleep inn the chair that usually goes in our living room.  The couch isn't comfortable.  And I have issues sleep in bed still.  But I'm making the best of it. 

My new maxi dress:  The first time I felt beautiful again after surgery.

Happy Friday!

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