Wednesday, August 07, 2013

197.4; Dear People Who've Noticed Me...

A friend of mine writes this blog:  My Eclectic Mess.  She's funny, sarcastic, but honest.

Last week she wrote this post:Dear Men Who Just Noticed Me Since I Lost Weight...  Go read it.  I'll wait here.

Did you read it?  By the end of it were you saying, "Yes.  Yes!" ?

I was.  I've talked before about how it's weird to have men notice me now.  How opening a door seems like so much more than just a door.  Before it felt like men did it out of sympathy or because someone else was around.  Now it happens much more frequently and I see them checking me out while they do it.  I've talked about how strangers are nicer to me by offering advice in stores, both men and women.  Before I could have stared at that shelf of light bulbs forever, now I have 3 staff and one customer giving me suggestions. 

At times I want to yell to these people, "Why didn't you show me the same attention when I was overweight?  I was still a consumer; still a PERSON."  I mean, talk about screwing with not only your body image, but your head!  It's as though the world is telling me that I'm a more interesting person, the thinner I get.  And despite trying to ignore it, this is reinforced publicly about once a week.

It's frustrating.  I'm still the same person I was when I was overweight.  Mostly.  The only thing that's changed, is that I force myself to engage these people now when they do this.  Whereas before, I would have shied away, lowered my head and left as soon as possible.

When Beth posted her blog last week I posted this on Facebook: 
The thing is, Pete loved me when I was overweight and I loved him likewise.  Pete supported me while I lost weight, and I supported him likewise.  Pete loves me and pays attention to me now that I'm skinny(er), and I do the same to him.  I am thankful EVERYDAY that I found a man who loves me for me.  Part of my vows to him included that he loved me for me as I am, not who I was or who I may become.  He loves me for me, here and now.

I appreciate being noticed every once and a while.  Let's be honest, it's sometimes a boost to your confidence to feel noticed.  However, most times, I don't know how to handle these situations because I spent 30 years trying to be invisible and I have no practice at it.  I leave the situation, a bit unsure of myself and how I handled it because I don't ant to encourage men; I love Pete and only Pete. 

Have you noticed people treating you differently as you lost weight?  How do you deal with it?

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  1. I am glad Tim & I have been together through thick & thin as well. It really proves to me what I already knew - He truly loves me and I love him more everyday. Great post & thanks for linking up!

  2. I haven't noticed that I'm treated any differently yet.

    Just smile and say thanks continuing on your business. If they persist, then say you're happily married. If they still continue then RUN.