Tuesday, August 06, 2013

198.2; Just Keep Swimming

Yesterday I put my plan in place.  I knew it was going to get steamy hot and possibly rain in the afternoon.  So about 9am I got ready to do my 30 minutes walking.

I put the heart rate monitor on.  But it felt weird, tight.  I obviously have numbness in my chest and abdomen.  But I couldn't tell if the strap on my chest felt weird because of the numbness or because it was really too tight?  I loosened it a bit and put the watch on.

I got dressed, but this too was strange.  I only have these little Coobie Bras because I can't wear underwires or molded cups or more supportive bras yet.  I'm used to compression bras to help prevent jiggling.  I usually wear compression shorts under my pants/capris, but can't put those on yet either.

After getting dressed, I grabbed my phone and earbuds, a hat and glasses.  Then I felt guilty about leaving the dog at home when he really loves walking.  So I strapped him in his harness and we started out.

But it wasn't anything like I expected.  Nico kept randomly stopping and pulling while walking.  My heart rate monitor wouldn't sync with the watch because it's getting pretty old and the strap is coming apart.

 I kept telling myself to just keep going and it would get better.  But it never really did.  I ended up cutting the walk short and we headed home to only complete 23 minutes. 

My lesson in all of this?
1.  I tried.  Really gave it a try and didn't quit before I even started.  I can do anything for 15 minutes and if I'm not into it, then I can stop.
2.  I need a new heart rate monitor.  I'm looking at this H7 so that I can use it not only with gym equipment, but with the app on my phone.
3.  It's ok to stop.  It's not worth hurting myself at this point by toughing it out with the dog pulling/stopping.
4.  I'm not ready to walk with the dog yet.
5.  I have a whole new day today to try again!

PS.  I'm totally taking the 1 pound loss for my 23 minutes walking.

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