Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bloggy Motivation

Last month I read Prior Fat Girl's Blog about accountability.  She poses a good question:
Every once in awhile, I think to myself that I should find an accountability partner. Someone to help keep me on track. But if I can’t be accountable to myself, what is that saying?
At first, I thought the same thing!  I mean I'm an adult and it's my life all of this impacts.  So if I can't be accountable to myself about getting healthy, what does it say about my need/want to do so?  But I keep coming back to the fact that I want an accountability partner.  I even asked for one on Facebook - telling people to call me out if I hadn't posted about surviving a workout at the gym within 24 hours.  What I got was people liking the post and some saying they don't know how far to push me in a call out.  And in the end, no one called me out.

What it comes down to for me is that I need an accountability partner(s).  I need someone to call me out, to ask me how I'm doing, to check up on my goal progress.  For really, if I could do this all on my own, I'd be doing it and have done this all in my 20s and not waited until I was hitting 40 to figure out how to be healthy.

So, yes.  Yes, I do need an accountability partner(s).  I need someone to support me in what I need to do, vent to about struggles and even laugh with.  Is this a bad thing?  I'm choosing to say that it's not.  It's a good thing because in the end no one can do life alone, we all need support.

So here are the blogs that I'm reading again, for support, motivation and immersing myself in the healthiness journey again:

1.  Prior Fat Girl:  there are a couple different women who blog about getting healthy.
2.  Fat Chick To Fit Chick:  Kick ass reality checker who doesn't mince words. 
3.  Skinny Meg:  She's hopped up on running and I really love how motivated she is.
4.  Operation Skinny Jeans:  She really speaks to me about the struggles and triumphs that she goes through.

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