Wednesday, October 09, 2013

204.8; Random Facts

1.  Because of my surgery, I have numbness in my chest. I once (okay maybe three times to different audiences) pulled a Tera Reid. I've learned that those smocked tops/dresses without straps are NO good to me or others. 

2.  Because of surgery my abdomen is numb. If it wasn't for my booty, I'd have no idea if I was wearing panties. 

3.  Just once, I'd love to have a day in the office that doesn't include this:  "please fill out the form and have a seat as the sign directs you to."  For the love of baby fishes, please fill out the freaking form!!

4.  I have a dog walker. I feel so big city but I live in the outer 'burbs. 

5.  Oktoberfest #2 scheduled for the weekend!  Love me some German chocolate and licorice. 

6.  I sleep with more stuffed animals now than when I was a baby or a teen. They're all my dogs toys. 

7.  Pete has a new suit to use for warmth when he rides the motorcycle. You know those wind suits that ski hill jumpers use?  Think that on a Harley. Seriously. 

8.  If it's apple or pumpkin, I crave it currently. 

9.  I'm running out of randoms. 

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