Monday, August 26, 2013

204; Action Plan Monday

Wednesday: 7 points
Thursday: 7 points
Friday: 0 - I didn't track so no points
Saturday: 8 points
Sunday: 5 points

Goal:  $150
Total Points/Dollars: $27

I think what I quickly discovered is that I need a purpose in life.  And while recovering, I had no purpose.  I wasn't working with timelines and to do lists and decisions to be made on a daily basis.  I wasn't cooking/baking for Pete and I which gives me a sense of being a wife and gives me a sense of making people in my life happy.  I wasn't cleaning the house or playing with the dog which makes me feel adult and a homeowner.  My purpose was to recover and get better, but it was all about me, no deadlines and not helping anyone else.

This action plan, gives me back a sense of purpose before I go back to work.  It prompts me to do things around the house like shopping, cooking, cleaning, getting out and going to the gym.  It forces me out of my little cocoon and back into what makes me feel good.

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