Monday, June 17, 2013

???: Girls Night and Light Eating

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So tonight is girls night with my Mom, Sister and niece.  Alison will be 11 on Wednesday and this is what she wants for her birthday.  But she has no clue what women do on Girl's Night Out.  Should be interesting.

So I got back into food prep for lunches.  I'm in the office the next 3 weeks with no real ability to leave for lunches.  I stocked up on fresh fruit/veg from Costco and my local grocery.

Monday:  Have you every tried Evol Foods?  I bought some on sale and they're pretty good!  Today I had a chicken burrito, an ounce of feta cheese and 1/2 cup grapes

Tuesday: Lunch meeting in the community somewhere

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:  Flax pita toasted with a slice of turkey, an ounce of feta.  Sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.

I also bagged up portions of fresh berries, grapes and melon to keep for snacks and plan on having yogurt with flax, chia and raw coconut for breakfast.

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