Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So I want to do a couple of things. 

Firstly I want to bring awareness to health.  Not just eating better or exercising.  But taking charge of your health and making sure that you're getting regular check ups.  So I'm going to challenge you to go to the CDC's Site About Check Ups and find something, one thing, that you need done.  Is it an annual genealogical appointment?  Annual mammogram?  Annual mole check? Annual cholesterol check up?  Whatever it is, schedule it now.

Secondly I want to challenge every woman who reads this to do a self breast exam.  This is near to me because of my history with breast cancer.  If you don't know how to do one, ask your doctor.  Or read the directions at The American Cancer Society website.

Thirdly I want you to check out Kiki La'Rue.  Becka is near to my heart after the wonderful way she treated me in December when I ordered from her the first time.  I've followed her store growing and her big heart ever since.  I have several pieces from her store that I love.

Lastly, I have a giveaway.  Actually two!

The first is $30 to Kiki La'Rue!  And $20 to Target.  All you have to do is follow along with the directions below.  The giveaway will end on Tuesday 6/18/13.  I'll announce a winner of the Kiki La'Rue Gift Certificate and a second winner will get the $20 to Target.  So make sure that you check back!

And don't forget to check out Weigh In Wednesday!

Pretty Strong Medicine

{Disclaimer:  Becka from Kiki La'Rue is sponsoring a portion of this giveaway and Target has no freaking clue who I am other than I go in for milk and come out the owner of new bedding and new earbuds that I didn't know I needed OR I go in for strawberries and end up with one Target bag, minus $150 and no clue where I parked.}

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  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I love that you are bringing awareness to our overall health!

  2. I love Kiki La Rue! I love that some of your entries are about exams and health! You go girlie!
    I think you should talk more about your food - yummy :)

  3. I love this post! Prevention is the best medicine :) I'm scheduling all my annuals before I go to important!

  4. Love KKLR! And I loved the comments about target not knowing you but going in and leaving with more than milk. they get me every time!!

    thx or linking up!