Tuesday, June 18, 2013

193; What Really Happens on Girls Night

So my weight?  It's staying where it is.  I've been eating better the last week and just being active when I can.  I need to let something go to success in other things.

Girls Night.  In the car, I asked Alison how she heard about girls night.  She said that she learned it from her Mom.  So I asked what happens on Girls Night?  She said that usually you go play Bunco at someones house, have a beer and gossip while eating.  Pretty funny.  She's a nonstop talker so when she's in the car with me, she talks about anything and everything.  This time she confessed that Grandpa let her ride in the front seat from her house to their house and that Grandma was mad about it.  Then Grandpa scolded her for telling Grandma because it was a secret.  He should know by now that Alison's slips are like a colander - eventually most things slip out.

So we had dinner at PF Changs and Alison got her birthday dessert:

Then we went shopping.  To good stuff, right?  Charming Charlie too most of Alison's money on a bag to bring back and forth to her summer activities, along with nail polish and some cute other things.  She was eyeing a little purse for her phone that I may go back and get her for her present.  

Then we went into the Dollar Store or was it the Dollar Tree?  Anyway, I hadn't been in one of those in years.  Did you know that you can get a marijuana test for $1?  Alison was in her glory there, buying some word finds and some sunflower seeds. 

Then we window shopped at  DSW where Alison tried on 4 inch heels and some fuzzy slippers. 

She deemed it a successful Girls Night and wants to do it again soon.  I deemed it a success too.  Spending time with her and my Mom and Sister was fun and I'm glad that Alison encourages it.

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