Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Five; Random Edition

1.  This was a hard week, but I got through it.  With love, support, a bit of chocolate cake, motorcycle rides and my husband.

2.  I got up this morning at 7am.  I have a 20 minute drive and have to be to work at 8am.  Surprisingly I was on time.  But I almost went to work with black & white top, red scarf and blue capris.  Good think I looked at myself in the car before I drove off so I could change.

3.  We are leaving for a weekend with the motorcycle club at noon.  I'm so excited to sleep outside, do some riding and catch up with friends. 

4.  My band area seems to have settled down.  But I seem to have a bit of acid reflux when I eat and sugar on an empty tummy is no bueno.

5.  Love on someone this weekend.  Hug them, give them a peck, give a smile or something to show love.  It's my assignment for you...

1 comment:

  1. It was a long week for me too. Hope you have a great weekend! I'll definitely follow your assignment. ;)