Thursday, June 27, 2013

192; 3 cc's

So yesterday.  Yesterday.

Yesterday I went to see my gastric band doctor.  I weighed 3 pounds more by their scale than I do at home.  But like I said before, they frown on naked weighing in the doctor's office.  We talked about how the band has been and that I feel like it's where I want to be with the band.

Then we got serious.  Surgery.  She was very sympathetic.  I was teary. 

I told her how scared I was to not be able to exercise like I want to for probably a year.  I told her that I needed to take some fluid from the bad so it was less restrictive so that it wasn't a complication after surgery.  I told her I was scared that something would happen to the tubing from the band to the port and it would need to be replaced at a later date.

And she listened.  She nodded.  She answered my questions and told me it would all be ok.  If the tubing had to be cut, they'd put a new port in and not to worry about it.  She said my body needs time to heal so don't worry about not working out like mad for months on end.  She said we could take as much or as little fluid out as I felt comfortable with. 

And I exhaled.  I didn't realize that I had been holding my breath.  She suggested 2 cc's of fluid and I asked for 3 just to be safe.  The last thing I need is sticking or issues when I'm already in pain. 

This is what 3 cc's looks like.

Then I went back to work and went home to Pete.  He also calmed me and reminded me that my weight is going to fluctuate.  With surgery and excess fluid and healing and not moving.  It's going to go up likely, but will come back down as I get more mobile.

So this morning I tested the band.  I ate half an apple fritter on the way to work.  Oh it was so freaking good!  The crispy fried edges with the sugary glaze.  Yup.  It's been a long time since I had one and it was glorious.

Until about 30 minutes later when I felt hot, clammy and light headed enough to stop my conversation with a co-worker and sit in a chair in case I passed out.  So sugar?  That appears to be no good for me.  So maybe the checks and balances of the band and my body are still there?  Maybe I shouldn't worry about overeating  or eating the wrong things in the next 12 days before surgery?  My body will check me, whether I like it or not!

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