Monday, April 15, 2013

192; One Thing

When I talk about my journey I talk about it in pieces.  Sometimes in days and what worked for me on that day.  Sometimes in what plan for eating that I stuck to; calorie limiting, fresh veggie eating, low carb.  Sometimes in workouts; cardio, cardio and weights, personal training.  Some time in my ah-ha moments; realizing I can lose weight, joining a gym, tracking calories.

When I sit back and look at that I realize that there isn't one thing that lead me to where I am today.  (another ah-ha moment).  Realize that for you, there is likely not ONE THING either.  Don't count on one thing, don't rely on one thing and certainly don't borrow someone else's one thing.

Just as not one thing made my success at work or school, not one thing lead to me becoming an adult and not one thing keeps my marriage intact.  There is not one thing that defines anyone.

I read a lot of blogs.  Chances are that if you see me with down time I'm likely reading a blog on some platform - my phone, my netbook, my PC.  And chances are that it's got something to do with living healthy.  And there are bloggers that I just want to reach out to and sit down with and chat, one to one about my struggle and where I've ended up so far.  I'm not saying that I have all the answers by any means.  Not at all.  In fact give it  a year and I could have gained 50 pounds.

What I am saying is that I see such a prejudice for any intervention that's not a person working out and eating differently.  And I'm not saying that everyone needs weight loss surgery either.  But there are so many things in between.  So many other interventions that professionals can help with.  Structured nutritionist, eating disorder therapy, support groups other than Weight Watchers, structured fitness through a doctor....  Some times just an honest conversation with your general practitioner/doctor about your efforts so far and what they suggest.

And I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that people should look at weight loss surgery also.  Go to the presentation that your local Bariatric Surgeon does.  Meet with a surgeon or nurse in the practice and find out more about it.  It doesn't mean you're locked into a program for surgery.  My center has a program for structured weight loss that is covered by insurance when BMI doesn't meet the criteria.

I guess I look at it this way:  you only get one life, live it the best you can.  Since obesity is such an epidemic in our nation, seek help with it once you've tried it on your own.

If you were diagnosed as a diabetic, would you refuse all intervention other than to change your eating, even if it was killing you slowly? 

So why refuse intervention if your obesity is killing you slowly?  It's ok to ask for help.  It's ok to use other tools that people close to you or that you know of aren't using.  It's your journey.  Your life.

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