Friday, April 05, 2013

189.2: Friday Fives

I have more of my story on Monday.  But for now, these are the five things on my mind today.  Have a great weekend - make it healthy and fun.

1.  I have been awake since 2:41am.  Really.  Pete couldn't sleep and for some reason I woke up and his moving around and the light form his phone woke me up and woke me up GOOD.  I am so going to crash tonight about 8pm.  'Cuz that's how old people roll on Friday nights.

2.  I said to Pete last night "You know what would be fun this weekend?"  He smiled and got excited and said "What?"  And I said "Spring Cleaning!!!"  And he said he'd rather play in traffic.  I did get him to agree to help me take the bed apart and reposition and clean it (Sleep Number).

3.  I did not make my own coffee this morning or bring a lunch.  So I'm drinking Starbucks and I have plans to hit up the local grocery store salad bar.

Soy Hazelnut - yum!
4.  A friend's dog has cancer.  I know that to some people, dogs are just dogs.  But to me (and my friend) my dog is my family.  He's the baby that I didn't have.  I'm instantly happy when I walk through the door because he is ALWAYS happy to see me.  I could leave to bring the garbage to the garage and he would still greet me as though I've been gone for days.  I'm saying prayers for her family, her children and her. 

5.  The motorcycles are home!  That must mean riding season is coming, right?  I was too wussy to riding mine home so Pete had to get them both.  The pup and I followed him back and forth in the car.

He looks damn good on my Harley!
Um, I don't ride in snow.  Hell, I don't like riding in rain, but sure am not riding in snow!


  1. Love the new look of your blog! Thoughts to your friends dog.......

  2. Dogs are family! My husband's Rottweiler (and best friend!) died 3 years ago and we still get choked up talking about him. We even trekked to California to scatter his ashes on the beaches they ran together on when Ike was just a puppy. Praying for your friend.