Thursday, April 04, 2013

189; Don't Give Up

I found this on Pinterest.  I know that it's a shift in thinking, but really think about this.  It's simple, yes.  But it's powerful.  It's not to say that you aren't going to have off days, weeks and even months.  But stop telling yourself that you're giving up/you've given up.  Start realizing that those off days are simply part of your journey and are recoverable.  You aren't giving up, you're continuing on your journey.

As summer was fading in 2007 Pete and I joined a gym.  Can I tell you how excited I was to join?  Silly, really.  I had never been part of a gym and it seemed so glamorous and yet intimidating.  The one that we joined was was a 24 hour, come when you want, but not always someone there gym.  It was in a local strip mall and had about 5 treadmills, a few elliptical and some weights.  No classes or showers or frills. 

Pete and I started going as soon as we got home.  We'd work out for an hour or so, him on the treadmill and me on the elliptical.  Then we'd go next door and do it up Jered-style and have Subway for dinner.  Lots of veggies, no sauce and only half the bread.  We continued this way well into the holiday season.  I remember being so pleased with myself that I actually went to the gym Thanksgiving morning and worked out before heading to the family celebration. 

By this time, Pete had lost about 70 pounds.  He was looking awesome.  Just awesome.  I had lost about 30 pounds and I was feeling great.  We were really active going places on the weekend and hiking around and seeing places around the state.  The feeling was powerful. 

But somehow I lost that powerful feeling in February, 2008.  It was a hard time for me.  Pete and I were engaged and my parents weren't as excited as I thought they'd be.  I was depressed about life in general and quickly turned to what I know best:  sitting in bed, watching TV and indulging in crap food.  I lost the feeling and couldn't seem to figure out how to get back there.

Pete was encouraging, asking me if I wanted to go with him to the gym.  But I just couldn't seem to put it together to get there.  It was all I could do to make it to work and home again.  Then the unthinkable.  Pete's Dad started getting really ill from his COPD.  The doctors started telling the family that it was nearing the end.  And suddenly, Pete was in just as deep a depression as I and the gym was the last thing that either of us wanted.  The membership slipped away and we did nothing.  Nothing except exist.

(Thanks for coming back to hear my story!)

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