Wednesday, March 06, 2013

191.0; Exercise Baby!

I'm linking up:


If you haven't been over to Erin or Alex's blogs check them out.  And do something else.  Check out the linked up bloggers.  There are usually some really good ones.  I've spent more than my share of time reading these last few weeks.

My weight remains unchanged.  Boo Hoo.  I've done some longer (for me) runs in the last few days - 4.5 and 5 miles.  My legs felt tired afterwards, but good tired.  You know that kind of tired that makes you remember how hard you worked out each time you step?  Yep, that's the tired I'm talking about.

I need some new running gear.  Anyone else wear a HRM strap and have issues with your bra getting between the sensors and your skin?  Or is it just me?  I've tried more structured bras and cheep stretchy bras and they both seem to do it after a while.  I need to find a solution for that.  I also need more running tops.  I like to run in yoga tops.  Don't ask me why.  Ok, fine, ask.  It's because the structure of the fabric holds me and my excess tummy skin in and more of the air form the fans get to my skin.  But damn if it's not hard to find fitted yoga tops that aren't $70.  I think I'm checking out the outlet store this weekend.

It's also time for new shoes.  I have about 6 months on these and my toes are starting to numb up again after runs.  I'd love one of these:

But will likely end up with this again due to my wonky feet and stride:

Sigh.  I believe my feet are aching to have some girly, bright, fun colors to make them go faster.  However, they're also calling for much support and help with planting my foot...(sigh).


  1. Love love love all the colorful kicks! I'm so glad you're enjoying the other blogs on the link-up... I am too, for the support and just for the fact of finding other great blogs!

  2. Great job on longer runs! I love all of the fun colored shoes!

  3. I want some bright color shoes too!! You are amazing!! :)