Friday, February 15, 2013

189.6; Friday Fives

1.  I planned a day to work from home.  I'm crossing my fingers everything that I will be an honest to goodness teleworker by June.  In the mean time I can do 8 hours every 2 weeks and I'm taking advantage of it.

2.  I'm taking my lunch with a 7 year old in a chair meant for Barbie.  In other words I'm going to school to have lunch with my nephew.  Last time I did this I had to pick the skin off the ends of the french fries because he doesn't eat "black" things.  Duh!  Who'd want to eat black things?

3.  I'm looking forward to grocery shopping.  Yes.  Really.  I love getting the fresh veg and filling my fridge with good for me, yummy things.

4.  Going on a date with Pete this weekend.  Music date.  Love the man more than words can explain.

5.  If you've got a prayer, my cousin's son could use it.  He's 11 and has Aspbergers and ADD.  This week he was also diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.  How much does that child have to suffer in his life?  He is sad and his parents are worried all over again.  Any prayers are appreciated.

Happy Pre-Weekend!

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