Monday, January 07, 2013

190.0; Hi, My Name is Michelle and I'm An Addict...

Had you talked to me even 5-6 months ago about sugar addiction I would have told you it was a myth.  At least for me.  I crave fruits and veggies and chicken and things that are good for me.

But something happened over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I started indulging in in things that were sugar/carb based and less fresh fruit/veggie/lean meat based.  And I've said that I didn't really change weight over the holidays.  So to some degree I felt successful.  It was my first holiday season and I did good.  Right?

Well no.

I've been sick with more sinus issues over the last month.  I went in for antibiotics after I couldn't get it to clear on my own.  But I felt very tired and just run down.  So Friday I had the last of the goodies in the house - dark chocolate covered pretzels.  Saturday morning I had yogurt for breakfast with some fruit.  We had a meeting on Saturday and ate at the Pizza Ranch where the meeting happened.  But for me, this meant large green salad and a couple of pieces of pizza over a 3 hour period.  Saturday night I had more yogurt/fruit and went to sleep early.  Sunday morning I had yogurt and fruit and we went on a drive.

By Sunday afternoon I realized that I had been craving sugar.  That I had been craving carbs.  Having the yogurt and the fresh fruit seemed to balance out the cravings.  I made chicken fried steak with potatoes/gravy and a fresh cucumber/tomato salad for dinner.  I ate one bite of potatoes and it wasn't it.  The fried steak was lean beef that I pounded out myself and tenderized, but it wasn't going down well so I maybe had 2 ounces of it.  And I had a huge bowl of the salad.  I wanted the salad more than the rest of it. 

I am a carb/sugar addict.  I need to realize that I feel better and my body feels better when I eat less of that and more of the fresh stuff.  I need to get back to eating more of the fresh stuff to feed my body appropriately.  Recognizing this should help me stop when I go to indulge and ask myself if fresh fruit won't serve the same purpose?

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