Tuesday, January 22, 2013

188; My Quick Update....

1.  I'm on round 2 of antibiotics for my sinus infection.  Do you know what happens to women who play with the balance of good/bad bacteria too much?  Yes, secondary infection in a not so comfortable area.  *sigh*  And because I can't have dairy around the times that I take the antibiotic, I've been chugging yogurt for lunch every day....all to no avail.  *sigh*

2.  My weight went is hovering at 187-188.  I'd really like it to go down.  Thank you in advance...

3.  I haven't been able to gym for a week.  (see #1 and #2).  I'm anxious to get back.

4.  I burned my right hand on boiling water yesterday trying to bake bread.  Boiling water hurts.  Pete says I am a burn magnet.  It's likely true.

5.  We spent $800 on a new water softener yesterday.  For that price the water should do a lot more than clean things.  It should be gold water or something.

6.  Pete is in a phase of trying to re lose about 10 pounds.  He's struggling to figure out how to do it when it's hard and a puzzle of things versus when he was initially losing and an easy equation. 

7.  It's freaking cold.  As in -16 when when I left for work this morning with a possible high of -1.

8.  I'm excited to have dinner tonight.  I made Sunday Sauce that closely tastes like the sauce my Grandma used to make when I was a kid.  I'm chasing kid memories with food.  But I don't feel guilty because I can do it in moderation.

9.  I'm waiting for my newest Kiki la'Rue order.  A couple of tops, scarf and a bracelet. 

10.  I'd love to be able to hear out of both ears at once and hear well.  (see #1)

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