Wednesday, January 23, 2013

189; Bzzzz, Bzzzz Ding You're Done!

Weird title, huh?

Most of what the gastric band does is remind you how you should be eating.  Reminds you to slow down.  Reminds you to take small bites.  Reminds you to chew very well.  Reminders.

Have you heard of the HapiFork from HapiLabs?  If not, it's a fork that will connect to some form of media to help you eat better.  According to the website, it will vibrate gently to remind you to slow down, take smaller bites and eat better.  You can not only see your eating on your phone or your computer, but you can connect with a community or a coach to see how you can change your habits.

I have to admit that I'm intrigued with this.  I'd like to see it in action.  It's it really unobtrusive?  Is it something that others will hear and see?  Is it something that you can cheat with? (you know everyone thinks this...)  Does it track when you don't use it for meals?  What if you need a spoon?

The company is also launching something similar to a BodyBug or watch that will monitor activity, sleep, calories, working out.  I've often wondered about these too.  Would I become so addicted to the readings that I'd do whatever it took to meet my goals?  I'm already addicted to getting a certain number of calories burned at the gym for it to be a 'successful' workout.  Would this make things worse?

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