Wednesday, December 12, 2012

191.8; Coke

So remember how I have given up soda/pop?  How I've told you that occassionally I'll have some rootbeer?  My doctor actually told me at my last appointment to start keeping Coke in the house.

Let's back up.  I was a 5-6 can of diet dr pepper drinker for a long tme.  I loved the flavor, the bite of the liquid, the fizzy carbination.  Basically I loved it all.  As a kid my parents let us have pop a lot.  When I was a teen ager it was expensive so we started drinking Vita-Sun from Schwans.  Healthier Koolaid really.  Water?  No thank you.

In college and out of college I kept up my pop habit.  Water?  No thank you.

About 4 years ago now I decided to give up pop for Lent.  Really give it and all carbonated drinks up.  And despite some indulging, I've been successful.  Now when I have about 6 ounces I'm full.  Really bloated from the carbonation an it just doesn't taste good anymore; it tastes like chemicals.

So when I went in last week and explained that I had another episode of sticking food, they told me to drink Coke.  I told them they were nuts.  I couldn't and still can't imagine the carbonation pounding away at the food stuck and banging on the band area harder.  Honestly the thought of taking a sip of Coke while food is stuck makes me want to cry.  But the nurse and the doctor told me to give it a try.

Um, ok.

But then I thought about it and read up on it.  What I failed to remember is that Coke is like battery acid.  It will foam up yes, but it disolves things.  Lots of things.  Then I get all eeked out by the fact that I used to drink this stuff regularly and was really eating away at my body.  Yuk.

I digress.  The fact is I went out and bought a bottle of Coke to keep at home and one for work.  The next time food gets stuck, I'm going to take a small sip and hope for the best (likely with tears in my eyes).  I'll report back if I don't explode from the carbonation and crap.  (it's humor..)

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