Thursday, August 09, 2012

201.6: Band Update

I went in yesterday to the bariatric center.  Have I told you all about my doctor?  Her name is Dr July.  Really.  She's the perfect doctor in my opinion.  She listens.  She remembers you and asks about things you talked about last time.  She takes what you say seriously and considers it.  And she smiles.  I'll be attending monthly appointments for the first year of the band; through March 2013.

My visits start with the  NP bringing me back to be weighed.  Yesterday my weight there was 202.3.  My scale differs from theirs.  Actually it may not, but I am usually about 3 pounds heavier on their scale.  Now that I think about it, it's likely because I'm clothed at the doctor's office.  I had lost only 3 pounds from last month.  Then it's the normal blood pressure (105/52 which is normal for me) and pulse check. 

The NP asks me about the last month:  How has my eating been?  How many cups can I eat at a meal?  How much water do I drink?  How much do I exercise?  Any issues with the band?  Any food getting stuck?  Then he asks me if I think I need a fill.  My answer is always yes, at least it always has been.  My criteria for this is that I can eat more an 1.5 cups of food at a meal and that my weight isn't going down further than a couple of pounds a month.  Their criteria for a fill is much like mine.

After that, Dr July comes in to talk.  She asks similar questions and then decides how much to put in.  In the past it's been 1 or 2 ccs.  This fill was for .5 cc.  I am now up to 9cc out of a possible 11cc.

I do feel some restriction in how I eat, but not much.  I feel fuller faster, but still can eat 2 cups.  My goal is to feel some restriction when I eat to remind me to stop.  My other goal is to get fuller way faster.

I'm on a liquid diet for 2 days and soft for 2 days after that to let any irritation with the band resolve it's self.  Last night I had soup for dinner and ate about 1/2 the can before I was full.  This morning I had a cup of yogurt and that's lasted me until lunch time.  My lunch is again soup.  The real test will be when I can eat normally again and see if I'm feeling restriction and fuller faster.

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