Monday, August 20, 2012

202.6; Sinus or Tooth?

A week ago I had such a headache after work.  I woke up Tuesday morning with a migraine of sorts on the right side of my head.  I spent all day in bed resting and took my migraine meds.  However, none of it helped.  Wednesday I woke up and my teeth were throbbing, my cheek felt like it would explode and the pressure in my head was enormous.

I went to the local minute clinic and found that my temp was almost 100 and I likely had a bad sinus infection.  So home again with antibiotics, soup and mucinex.  I spent the day resting, taking the meds and still no relief from the throbbing.  Thursday brought more of the same.  I hoped with with everything that Friday would bring 48 hours of meds and some painless days.  But it wasn't to be.

Friday Pete rode the bike with the trailer down to the last campout.  I took the suv and the pup as company.  All weekend my cheek throbbed and it felt like someone had punched me.  Yesterday morning Pete filled my suv full of things and I drove the 2.5 hours home.  Only to shower off any allergens from being outside and head to bed.  My cheek felt better, but my teeth were still hurting.

Today is day 6 of antibiotics.  My head feels less clogged.  But my toofers?  They're still a hurtin'.  The glands in my neck?  They're still big and sore.  My cheek and jaw still feel like I got slugged in a wicked girl fight.

So now my question is this?  Is this a sinus infection gone horribly wrong?  Or is it a tooth gone horribly wrong? 

Either way, as you can tell, I'm up from 200 to 202.  Working out with throbbing body parts isn't advised, it makes them throb more.

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