Monday, July 02, 2012

203.8; My Plan for 7/11/12

I've talked before about how I had to stop taking an Nsaid as part of the band proceedure.  On 7/11 I go in for another fill.  At that appointment I need to have a talk with my doctor about options to try taking the Nsaid again.  I'm not looking forward to it.

I've noticed that my jaw is really sore, a lot.  It aches like it hasn't ached since before I went to the pain clinic just after 2000 and started my current pain managment program.  I don't know that I can live with this pain all the time. 

I've noticed that my hands ache a lot also.  I'd notice in prior winters, that if my hands were really cold on a particular day, the joints ached.  I'd use heat to help, but sometimes not even heat helped.  Now it's summer and my hands are warm a lot.  However, they ache a lot, especially the right one.  Sometimes they ache after a long day of motorcycle riding and I don't ever want to give that up.  I'm worried that I have the start of arthristis in them and I really need an Nsaid to help that out.

I'm also have issues with my monthly cycle that the Nsaid is really needed for. I have bad cramps and some other symptoms that my doctor feels would benefit from the Nsaid.

I've noticed that my body in general aches more now than it ever has.  I'm nervous to ask her about the Nsaid, because I agreed up front that I would have to stop these.  Despite the fact that she said I could try taking them afterwards if I really need them, I feel like I am failing by asking her about them.  I'm likely making a bigger deal of this than I need to, but I'm nervous.

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