Friday, June 29, 2012

206.6; Friday Fives

1.  Please, if you're the paying type or the vibing type, please do me a favor.  My Godfather/Uncle had surgery on Wednesday for mesothelioma.  He had a lung and chest wall removed.  Yesterday wasn't a good day.  His vocal chords are paralyzed and he was draining more fluid from the surgial site than he should be and they couldn't figure out why.  So he is in surgery again as I type this and they are trying to figure this out.  Add to all this that he is in Boston for this surgery, far away from all his family and friends here in Minnesota.  My cousin and his brother are out there now, with more poeple scheduled in and out in the next 6+ weeks until he can fly home. 

Can you take a moment and say a prayer or send him good healing thoughts?  Please?

2.  I've been to the gym twice this week.  I'm trying to get my groove back.

3.  Do you know that they don't sell Ace Banadages any longer?  I have to wrap my calf and when I went for an ace bandage I learned that all they sell is this stretchy sticky bandage thing.  Makes me feel pretty old!

4.  I'm headed back to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning.  Just me this time.  I think I'll be using these Saturday trips as my quiet time.

5.  Pete and I rode all day Wednesday.  Sometimes there is nothing else to soothe a wounded soul thatn with the wind sliding over your face, the sun on your shoulders, the roar of the engine as you accellerate, the random music coming from your speakers and seeing the open road in front of you.  I hope everyone has something like this to soothe their soul.

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