Thursday, June 28, 2012

206.2: I'm Funky

I'm in a funk.

I haven't shared this here, but Pete has been unemployed since March.  He's had a bad string of weird employers in the last 2 years.  He last worked in 2010 and was laid off when his work called him during our summer vacation and told him this.  Nice, huh?  He was hired in the fall of 2010 and worked for this company until December 2010.  The owner called him into his office and said that they liked his work, but couldn't afford to pay him any longer.  He could continue to work for them, but they couldn't pay him.  Huh?  Really?  He's had some odd 6 week jobs through temp agencies since then.  But in December 2011 he was hired by a small company to work mainly from home doing what he loves.  It was as though the angels sang down!  He was pretty straight froward though, tellling the owner of his past troubles and asking if she was going to end up doing the same thing to him.  She laughed and told him no.  Fast forward to the Friday after my surgery in March.  Pete was called into the office she had rented to help her out with something.  When he got there, IRS agents were in the office.  She hadn't paid taxes in several years and they were seizing office machines.  Pete was laid off that day.

All this has led to financial strain as you can imagine.  Unemployment benefits is a godsend, but doesn't come close to what he was making at any of these jobs.  He spends 5-8 hours a day looking for jobs, applying for jobs and following up on applications.  It's pretty depressing.

Then you have my numbers up there in the titles of the blog posts.  As you can tell I'm stuck in the 205-207 range and can't seem to move.  It's kind of depressing.

Add to that I have a calf injury.  My left calf  muscle has been sore for a few weeks.  I tried many stretches and different ways to exercise and it wasn't getting better.  So I stopped sunning/cardio for 1.5 weeks.  Again, nothing changed.  Yesterday I did an hour on the elliptial because I just can't stand not working out any longer.  The trainers at the gym have been helpful, but it's so hard.  Yesterday one of them suggested heeping it wrapped while I'm awake so that the muscle is tight against the tendon/bone and warm all the time to promote healing.  Just what I want to do in the 95+ degree heat.

Anyway, if it seems that I'm posting less frequently or that they're not exciting, this is why. 


  1. Sorry to hear about Pete's bad luck with the jobs! For your calf pain, I can't say enough good things about my Zensah compression sleeves. I LOVE them! I know most running stores (Marathon Sports) carry them -

  2. Thanks Ann! I've been wrapping it when I'm awake the last 24 hours and this morning at the gym was better. I'll need to look into those sleeves.