Wednesday, June 20, 2012

207.0: Firsts

Sunday Pete took my niece Alison for her first ever motorcycle ride.  She's 10.  Ever since Pete got his motorcycle 4 years ago, she's been fascinated with it.  Kind of a love/hate relationship at first.  She wanted to like it, but was scared of it.  Each time he rode it and she was around, she'd ask to sit on it.  She wanted a ride, but was scared.

This spring her legs fit the floorboards so that she was legal t ride on it.  She spent the spring getting on it and talking to Pete about it a lot.  She talked to me some also.  Finally she decided she wanted a ride.  But that meant talking to her parents and telling them why she wanted a ride.  After pleading her case she was allowed to ride with the right gear; helmet, glasses, long pants and tennis shoes. 

It really was a long process for her.  But she was determined and kept moving forward with it, even through the long times.

She loved it.  Had a perma-grin the entire time and never stopped talking to Pete.  And Pete, in his loving way, answered her questions, encouraged her and smiled right along with her.

I love knowing that she is smiling, but I can't see it.  I love knowing that she is talking, but can't hear it.  I love knowing that Pete is careful and encouraging, and just as happy as she is that she finally made her decision and followed through. 

Right now I love this photo so very much. 

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