Thursday, June 07, 2012

204.6; My ONEDERLAND Reward

Do you watch Biggest Loser?  If you do, you know what onederland is.  Onederland is that day when you step on the scale and you are no longer in the two hundreds.  The day that your weight dips below 200 pounds.  It's always a celebration for the women on Biggest Loser.

This is my SparkPeople app on my iPhone.  It's where I keep track of my weight daily.  As you can see, there is a definite downward trend, which is a good thing.  You may also see on that little chart that I'm getting closer and closer to 200.  And closer and closer to ONEDERLAND!  I haven't seen a 1 on the scale since college.

When I've reached ONEDERLAND and stayed there for at least a week I have a reward planned. 

Rose Compass
A tattoo.  My ONEDERLAND tattoo is going to be a red heart on the inside of my ring finger.  Pete had a wedding band tattoo'd on his ring finger last summer and I'd like something too.  But unlike Pete, I'm waiting my tattoos to be personal and only show them when I want to.  I also have clients who have boundary issues and I'm not going to parade tattoos in front of them to get questions about them.  I'm both excited and scared!

The rose compass up there?  It means a lot to me.  It's used or was used in sailing to tell the direction of the ship.  My journey through life certainly hasn't been a straightforward one.  In fact, It's taken turns and spins and falls everywhere.  I believe that my internal compass kept me on the path that I needed to go, not the path I necessarily wanted to go.  I also believe that my compass will not lead me wrongly and get me not only to where I am going, but back home safe and sound. 

So for my goal weight reward, I'm going to get the rose compass tattoo'd on the outside of my leg, just above my ankle.  I still have time to think about this one and I want to modify it slightly and add a small saying with it.  I wear a ring daily that has "Michelle + Pete 9/26/08" to remind me of our wedding.  I wear another ring that says "Don't Postpone Joy" in honor of a friend who is no longer living.  I want to find a saying about enjoying the journey I'm taking.

So do you have any rewards planned for anything you're trying to accomplish in life?

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