Thursday, May 24, 2012

207.4; Weekend Prep

I feel like I'm the only one working today, but I'm not.  I have the afternoon off because I have to be here tomorrow all day.  We have a guest from out of town staying with us and I'm picking up my almost 10 year old niece and 6 year old nephew tomorrow for the weekend. 

Busy.  With a capital B.

So this afternoon I'm packing snack bags for all of us.  Pre-portioned bags of grapes, banana bread, cookies, watermelon, strawberries, cheerio bars...  Yes, I'm packaging things that are sugary and sweet too.  But I'm pre-packaging them.  So when I crave the sweet thing this weekend because I see the kids with it, I know that I'm taking one serving.

I'm also filling a cooler with water for me and other drinks for the kids.  No excuse not to get my water in.

And I'm going to try to talk them into going to the gym with me.

I'm hoping that the prep will help make it easier to make better choices in the rush and business of a holiday weekend.

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