Monday, May 14, 2012

207.2; Do I Really Need to Workout?

I went to the gym Monday and Saturday of this last week for Body Pump and that's it.  When I woke up Saturday morning I was down to 206.2.

206.2.  My lowest in years and years.

So I really do wonder if I'm working out too much?  Can I train for a 10K in September, continue my Body Pump to help build muscle and still lose weight?  I won't give up the weight training because I need to build the muscles that have sat still for so long.  I need them to build up to help me be more productive when I do cardio.  I won't lose the cardio portion of exercising because that's how I lose weight.  But I do need to push myself more to get a better burn when I do cardio.  And I really think that running a race in September would be very good for me.

I Googled it and this is the search that I found:  Training Breaks

The many articles about body building, running, skating...they all talk about taking breaks from training.  Mostly they talk about how your body needs to actively recover from so much working out.  I loved reading the perspective and information in this article.  She talks about how she loses the big picture goal because she is so caught up in the weekly training.  I think that I do this a lot and it's partly why I think signing up and training for a race would be a good thing. 

I'm going to tap my resource of my previous trainers tonight at the gym and ask about all of this.  Ask for some referrals for books or programs that will help me set goals that work for both losing the weight, regular exercise and training for a race.  I hope that there is some way to work it all out.

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  1. Here's my thoughts: right now, you are eating the right amount of calories and food for less activity. If/When you decide to work out more, you will need to eat more. You'll need to fuel your body enough for the workouts.... what was happening before, is that you were not eating nearly enough and your body was holding on to the LBS because it was in "starvation"-mode. Both Jay and I have had that happen before, too. If you like the benefits of activity (strong muscles, definition, leaner body, increased cardio, increased mood/emotions), then just bump your food intake a bit and you should still continue to lose! GOOD LUCK! :)