Tuesday, May 15, 2012

207.2: Another Fill

So I'm posting late today because I wanted to give my impressions after my fill.  When I talk about getting a fill, I'm talking about and adjustment to my band. 

This is what my abdomen looks like.  Well, almost, there are other organs and structures there too.  But this is how the band works.  The port in the bottom right is attached to what my doctor refers to as my "6-pack".  In other words, it attached to my ab muscle.  Little does she know that I want to have 6-pack some day.

When I go in for a fill she numbs up the skin over the port.  Then she has a long needle with the amount of fluid in it that we've agreed to insert.  She pokes the needle through my skin until she finds the port and the needle is seated in in.  It's a weird process to feel the needle pull, but not hurt while she finds it. 

Once she's found the port and the needle is in, she pumps the fluid in and out.  It seems strange, I know.  But the back and forth motion tells her that she really does have the port and not another structure in there.  If she had another structure she wouldn't be able to pull the fluid out because it would be in my body.  The saline would just be absorbed by my body.

Once the fluid is all in I sit up.  Then I drink sips of water to make sure that it's going down.  Once we know that it's going down without any hesitation then I'm good to go.  My band will hold a maximum of 11 cc.  Every one is different with how much restriction they need so I don't know how many fills I end up with.

It's 8 hours post fill and I don't feel the band.  I came back to work and had thinned butternut squash soup for lunch and the can filled me up.  I had jello for a snack at 2:30.  Then for dinner I had about 3/4 cup mac & cheese that I made soupy and with very very limp noodles.  When I can eat normal food again on Thursday then I'll know if it's restrictive for me.

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